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    NE James

    Would really love to hit the Gatineau on Monday or Tuesday. Anyone willing to show me down? Post here before Friday night. Thanks!

    Randell Dehaas

    My Girlfriend and myself will be there on Sunday and staying untill Wednessday. We as well would like to be shown down the Gatineau. Is high tension still in anyone?



    Last posted level was 16.5 on Monday. I was there last Thursday and it was nothing short of monstrous. Like the Zambezi. Level was 19 or 20. Not sure what the rain is doing in those parts, but if it has continued as it has here, the river will be rather humungous. Pushy, boily and full of free floating trees. At 19 the High Tension wave was simply lovely. Too bad I don’t have the guts to get on it.



    Hey Randell,

    Several OVKC’ers will be at the Gatineau for this coming long weekend, myself included, paddling on Fri, Sat and Sun and possibly Mon. We’d be happy to help you with the lines.

    See you there, Leah

    Open Gate

    We’ll be arriving at Bonnet Rouge around 10:00am Saturday the 12th. If you’re still interested.

    – Called yesterday and level was dropping fast(1 increment every day) and at +14 yesterday.

    To give you an idea,

    – Level at festival is +12,

    – low level(best play features) at +8 (Bonnet Rouge is in).

    Enjoy and scout the rapids,

    There is 10′ thick of wood logs at the bottom of that river…(logging stopped in the 90’s) high water sturs everything up and I’ve seen 20′ log sticking out in the middle of the Corbeau rapid after high water…unrunnable that time :shock: good thing us open boats have a tendancy to scout runs !

    Play safe

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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