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Good boat for 90lb. girl???

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    Kevin M

    My daugther weighs 90 lb and is around 5ft tall.
    She fit fine in her Evo but wants to move on to more of a play boat.

    She is kind of in the middle of the Shooting Star and the Star.
    I wondered if the star is too big and the shooting star might only last her a year.
    I wondered what else is out there.

    Scott M

    hey there. i work for a camp, and we set out to get some boats for some smaller kids. jeff recommended the project 45, and i have found it to be a great boat for small kids to learn in. it was actually really forgiving and it was able to accommodate a number of different body types.


    my son- 4’10" and @ 85lbs paddles a project 45- I’m 5’2" and @120lbs I paddle a wavesport ezg 42. We put extra foam into the boat so the 45 fits my son nicely, if we took the foam out I could paddle his boat comfortably.

    Kevin M

    I just saw an article in rapid about the Wavesport fuse.

    It is probably on the small size for her but wonder if anyone has paddled it.

    I think she tried the Progect 45 and found it a little large for her.

    She tried a Star for a while but I think it was a little large for her on the other hand I don’t want to be boat shopping for her every year.
    It’s way more fun to boat shop for me every year.

    Has anyone gone from a Shooting Star to a Star and can compare also?


    My Daughter was around that wieght when we got Her a T1 . Its got a huge flat hull…so its very stable and it is a nice fit for her. The boat can do any of the stuff the new ones can and has a very cormfortable foot brace/outfitting system. Also being a older model they are around for very cheap…..


    Boatwerks has a Fuse, not sure if it is a demo boat.

    Jeff tells me there will be 3 sizes.

    Small Kingpins are great kid boats.

    The Project 45 is working really good for one local lad here who is a bit heavier than Alex.

    Paddleshack is advertizing a Jackson 1.5 for $650, but that may be a bit small.

    WO has a few Jackson Fun 2’s, if you want to check one out I may be able to help out with that.

    Good weekend to visit as we’ve got a great open canoe race on. Moneypenny will be there, you could show him where he is wrong.


    She is the same size as my son. He rides and loves his Fun 1.5. And there is still lots of room to grow!
    Have her sit in and demo the Fun 1.5 at Paddle shack. It is a great boat.
    Surfs well, spins well, loops well, etc.


    Guess I started something!!! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
    Well, you know I love my Star!
    Great to see you guys last weekend!
    Laura & Mark



    We should of had your daughter try out my son’s Fun 1.5 at Baby Face.

    Sam is 90lbs while his sister is 110 and also fits nicely.

    Last weekend was Sam’s first time on the Ottawa and his first big water river running.

    Demo a 1.5 or buy a 2 and I will buy it from you when your family is done with it.

    The nice thing about the Fun series is that they are built to kids dimensions: narrower at the hips, not as high in the cockpit therefore allowing the kids to use their back hand as a pivot point when rolling.



    The Jacksons are easy to roll and good river runner .

    We have a used 2Fun, Red, for sale…pm me

    Kevin M

    by the look of things, based on her size, and what she wants it might be the Star. She sat in a 1-1/2 and her legs were too long. It might last a year but that would be it. The 2 fun would be too big for her.
    She had a couple of surfs in a star and liked it even though I think it is a touch on the large size for her.
    Part of that might be that she wants to be just like Joon when she doesn’t grow up.

    I guess I’ll start looking for used Jackson Stars.

    Must keep Princess happy.

    James Mildon

    I agreee with Hipnazi
    Jackson fun 1/2 if she wants to be abit large or she could go jackson 2 fun and grow into the boat in a couple year.
    My little brother is just getting into boating and he found the fun 1/2 super easy for ferrying and surfing. He is around the same size and he is floating high in it but doesn’t find it to hard to throw around.
    Check out boatwerks give jeff a call he can hook you up!

    Kevin M

    Why would you recommend the 1-1/2 or 2 instead of the Star?

    I think the 2 is 47 gallons and the Star is 44

    She sat in the 1-1/2 at Jeffs and her feet were touching the end of the boat.

    Are the fun series narrower than the Star?

    Are the Funs easier to roll?

    As far as a river runner and rolling boat the Evo is really great. It is fast enough to make all the moves. She is threading the needle at Phils and running Normans and Coliseum. I think when she gets onto the playspots like Baby face and push button the length of the evo is stopping her from progressing.

    I tried to tell her about the old days paddling dancers but she didn’t seem very interested. Kids today…..

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