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    Hello all. I’ve been checking in on this forum for a long time, but this is my inaugural message. I’ve been paddling open boats in whitewater for many years, but I am only just now looking to get into a C1, and I have many questions. Obviously, it’s difficult to test out boats until I’ve outfitted them, so I’m hoping to draw from the knowledge of folks who’ve already gone this route. I understand lots of different boats have been converted, (atom, cascade, ultra clean, score, whiplash), but my first question would be designed to find out what people know about how these boats handle. I am 5’11", 170 lbs, a skilled and experienced paddler who can read water well and am athleticly inclined. I can roll a kayak, so I’m not too worried about finding a boat that rolls easy, even though I have lots of learning to do, and I am looking for something that can be used to play and carve, although soon I will be looking for a good creek boat as well. I expect I’ll probably be more comfortable innitially in a larger volume boat, based on my experience, but I am definitely sure I want a fully decked boat. I am looking at doing the conversion myself, probably with a kit from Mike Yee, but if anybody’s got a boat they are trying to unload, I might be interested.
    I will be grateful for any advice or guidance I can find. Most particularly…. what boat do I want!!!! Thanks y’all… looking forward… GM


    I converted a riot big gun this fall to use as a creek boat and I’m very happy with the result <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> other creek boats that seem to work well is the necky blunt
    if you don’t want to convert or want a C1 that paddles proper check out shaggy designs hope this helps you and good luck

    The Great Gonzo

    I agree with Isaac, if you want a REAL C1 playboat, talk to Martin or Gwyn from Shaggy designs.
    Light, stiff and strong, kevlar construction. I have 2 of their boats and couldn’t be happier:
    and they are local, their shop is in Mississauga.

    If you want a plastic, look into the Drakkar Wheelboy. … elboy.html
    Great boat, too, although sinificantly heavier than a Shaggy.
    They have no dealers in Canada, as far as I know, but some in the States:
    I bough mine from Bill Reap, great guy to deal with.

    If you want to convert a kayak, is by far the best website to ask any questions:

    Hope this helps.



    Thank you folks…. I am interested to hear about the differences in balance between boats made specifically for C1 and a kayak. ANybody else know what boats work well? G


    At your weight you would be at the limit, but I know many people, including my c-1 brother who like the Chronic for its speed on a wave .



    I have a friend who really likes his wavesport X configured as a C-1, on account of how symetrical/balanced it is front to back. Guess the same would go for a wavesport Z depending on your weight.


    Boats that are made for C1, usually have a C1 sized cockpit, pretty much round, instead of the oval cockpit. From my understanding, they are made so that you build the back of the seat against the back of the cockpit, or very close. When you convery a kayak to C1, you will need to mess around with the seat placement, and make sure it is centered, before you glue it in. From what I’ve been told about playboats, if its a good kayak, it will make a fine C1. But I have tried the new shaggy boat, and it was sweet!



    I’ll just reiterate, that if you’re looking to convert, is by far your best bet for opinions and advice, by far the biggest cboats resource on the web. They have pics of outfitting and the works, they will definitely make converting your boat a lot easier.

    As far as what makes a good c1, well, it isn’t necessarily true that a great kayak design will transfer over to a great c1 design. Generally speaking, stability and speed are much more important when converting kayaks. People seem to be happy with older wavesport boats like a score, foreplay, ace, ez. For modern playboats, check out a flirt or a project, several top c1ers are using these boats. I personally paddle a pop c1 and like it alot, LL boats also seem to make good conversions.

    As far as true c1s, if you got the cash they’re a good way to go. Shaggy makes some great boats as well as Drakkar. C1s designed as c1s usually benefit of increased stability and speed compared to converted boats. They also have more balanced volume distribution in the boat, making vertical moves more balanced from end to end. It also helps to not backender/squirt when running small drops or holes.

    Good luck in your decision

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