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Grant in a OC1 continued

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    "Jeff T.":2eisw6zk wrote:
    "cmnypny":2eisw6zk wrote:
    "Grant":2eisw6zk wrote:
    I’ve volunteered to try an OC1. Can’t paddle a K1, so may as well imbariss myself in a OC1! I hear it’s easier to swim from.[/quote:2eisw6zk]

    I guess we will find out saturday in East Race … I guess I should bring the camera gear for the embarrasing shots to be posted on BW via a TR :lol:[/quote:2eisw6zk]

    Careful Colin. I just emptied the 1g card in the camera so there’s room to record [i:2eisw6zk]everyones[/i:2eisw6zk] turn at being the entertainment :lol:[/quote:2eisw6zk]

    started new thread as we were hijacking the other one.

    oooooo …. awwwwww …. duoling cameras …. (crap i just go that banjo theme song from Deliverance stuck in my head)

    well my 4 2gb cards and three batteries should be enough for the carnage / entertainment value <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    See you tomorrow! My 797KM one way journey starts today :twisted:

    It will finally be nice to paddle a different place I have never been with people I have never met except in hyperspace :!:

    I am not sure what kind of alien music Grant listens to as i have never heard of any of the groups ever in my life.

    FYI some of us are paddling here sat/sun



    Thanks for starting a new thread, now everyone will know :shock:

    In advance of any embarrassing photos. I’ve had a hard time finding a helment that fits/doesn’t move.


    Have fun guys, but a little advise….don’t get in the car is Grant is behind the wheel! :shock:


    It all depends on what your definition of "is" "is"


    Spoken like a lawyer :wink:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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