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    Got home a few days ago from the great whitewater north. Thanks everyone for a great trip! Our first day we ran the middle at 11 feet with Jen, Jen, Brent, Steve and Drew?(from S. africa). Angel Kiss was beautiful and Garvin’s, which all but Brent walked) magnificent. I can imagine EJ cartwheeling down the dragon’s tounge as someone else described it. Wow!
    After our run we met and chatted awhile with Roger from Toronto (thank you for the guidebook. I am translating my Tamale recipie for you!!) and his California friend at River Run.
    The next day we had a slow start as the 20 hour drive caught up with us and we put on later in the day for a main run (3-4 feet). We started with some kayakers who were also OWL raft guides and ended our run with a group from Maryland and a visit to the Log and Lantern campground.
    Monday and Tuesday (5 feet) we played hard at McCoy’s with Ryan and Dave from Liquid skills. Thanks to them I may get my FW cartwheel yet!
    Wednesday we ran the Middle again, a whole new river at 1-2 feet! We felt like we had four new rivers during our week on the Ottawa!
    Wednesday night we enjoyed a pizza at Middle of Nowhere, the best restaurant in the area we heard and agree. Thursday we packed up early and slipped across the cove to McCoys for a last surf before climbing into the truck for the trek home.
    We took home many great memories of the beauty, playfulness and power of the Ottawa river, and the friendly people there and our journey there and back. Thanks again to all those we met there. We hope to see you again!

    By the way in regards to the post about river knives. No problem at the border getting there or back. However the thing fell out of it’s sheath into the lake when took my son out paddling the other day. :roll: So, there you go.

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