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Gull Fall Cleanup Wknd

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    chris mack

    Just wondering when the cleanup wknd will be this fall. Also I would like to thank Conner for doing so much work at the campground this summer, the place is looking really good lately.



    Connor did a great Job, as did Alexandra, Cammy and Gary George of keeping the W.O. campground running like a well oiled machine. I think their combined efforts netted W.O. one of the best seasons for Camping fees yet!

    Thanks alot guys for giving so much to the rest of the paddling community <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    Cheers, Jeff

    Gary George

    Like the spring I think we’ll do the fall clean up / maintenance over a few weeks and weekends. As usual we need to get leaves raked, trees cut, firewood stacked and picnic tables stood on end to prevent moisture damage.

    Of course the building needs to be winterized as well.

    I intend to go to Moose Fest and have plans to attend the Whitewater Symposium in the US at the end of October. During the other weekends of October I likely will be at the Preserve working on the above listed items.

    Folks who have time and wish to help out should e-mail me at; or private message me here with your intentions. I’ll be sending out an e-mail to the Membership with an appeal for help also.

    Also on the list of thanks I’d like to thank Connor’s dad Russ for his help and guidance with Connor over the summer. As well thanks to Jeff Strano for getting involved, he’s got some great plans and ideas for the Gull and the Preserve.

    This season was one of the best in recent years, the park is looking great, revenues are up a bit from previous years and user days have increased.

    We attracted some new rental clients with unique uses for the building and property. To mention a couple there was a wedding Labour Day weekend and earlier in the summer we had an MNR Forensic Science Workshop.

    Look for more unique events next season, Gullfest will make a return and the Fun Race held in late June will make a second appearance.

    It was a great summer, there’s a few weeks left and the Gull still has nice water levels.

    This coming weekend is the Georgian Bay Kayak Club Annual Dinner Weekend. Along with that B. Harris is coming out to run some more of those famous clinics. Should be a great weekend in the park to bring in the end of summer.

    Andrew Lowles

    I also wanted to thank everyone who helped maintain the park and the Gull this year. The facilities are great and I havn’t seen outhouses so clean and minimal stink (other than Jessup’s, and he’s got a thing for pinesol). I always try to pick up litter and have seen others picking up things from around the parking lot. Great job.

    Thanks everyone

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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