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    :!: :!: Lock your vehicle :!: :!:

    If you are paddling the Gull river in Minden, do not leave your car unlocked, and hide valuables as best you can. There are a couple of local folks that have taken notice of the thousands of dollars worth of gear that sit around in often-unlocked cars.

    As well, keep an eye out if you are within eyesight of the lot. Watch for suspicious behaviour. The suspects are usually riding around on old bikes, being fairly obvious about looking at/into vehicles.

    Done Swimmin

    Sounds like they are not too smart if they have been identified by mode of transport and suspicious behaviour. Would it be hard to catch them? Would the police even care?

    I refer to the problems with the camping fee drop box. I think Gary had some proof (photograph) plus eyewitness accounts and when he contacted the police he was blown off.

    If the paddlers decided to deal with it, you can bet the cops would show up. (Maybe a couple of involuntary swims down the Otter Slide would fix the problem.) I joke. I joke. I’m not suggesting anything.

    I guess we can only lock our doors and hide our gear.



    i am hearin ya on that one man… :twisted:


    I think that if we just stay vigilant, and make it obvious that we are keeping an eye on anyone that is obviously “looking around” the parking lot, then that will be enough. Thiefs are lazy (that’s why they don’t work for $). If we make it a hassle for them, they will look elsewhere.


    Thom is right.. they’re not too bright, they left pretty soon after on monday night after we kept an eye on them.

    As to the cops up here they wont do a thing, they are pretty useless.


    As i said in an earlier post, I “lost” my paddle from the back of my pickup. Shame on me for not locking it up in my cab.


    When you really need them (and I don’t mean looking for a jacked car stereo) but rather a violent crime, auto fatality (the sort of scene you wouldn’t wish on your worst ememy) Ontario cops are second to none. They aren’t much help with petty theft because..well, it’s petty. Next opportunity you get, thank a cop.


    I agree.

    I mean look at that time your front license plate got bumped up so you couldn’t see it. They were there for you then eh Rich?



    I think we just need to get more officers into paddling, then see how fast “petty thefts” are delt with :wink: .

    Befriending officers is always a good idea <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> , they are really nice (all the ones I know), and normally willing to help out a friend (especially if you help them out too).

    As for OPP my limited contact is getting pulled over for not clearly displaying my rear license with a bike rack on the back of the wife’s SUV (you’d think the lack of a front plate may let them know it’s not an ontario driver <img loading=” title=”Confused” /> )


    lot on the Chattooga. Bruce Hare, a controversial figure and founder of the Chattooga whitewater shop hid in the bushes with a shotgun for three days and eventually performed a citizens arrest. no one was going to rip off boaters on his river. He had more than a piece of string for a trigger and didn’t tell them to pray real good (if you’ve read the book).
    i’m not suggesting the shotgun but if someone hides in the bushes with a video camera and a cell phone (service there?) and videos these morons actually stealing and then calls the OPP would they ignore that.
    Or maybe we could just hire Bruce.

    john mason


    Hiding in the woods or even the back seat will work, these guy’s tend to have an IQ similar to Cheese!

    Taking photos and video also works if you confront the perpetrators with it. Even better if you can get it to the attention of thier families.

    Doing all this and handing your stuff over to the Police is hit and miss. So far the dozens of bits of evidence, photos etc. given to the local police with regard to vandalism and theft at the whitewater preserve have been essentially a waste of time.

    As Pete said we caught, photographed and confronted a kid who was emptying the pay box. Since the Police have never acted on this I have to assume confronting this kid and letting his mom know what had been happening was what stopped him.

    Seems this new crew has been working over the Preserve as well. The woodshed, the utility shed and the pay box have all been vandalized in the last week. Nothing was taken, the money box is pretty nearly bombproof, but they managed to dent it a bit.

    I am convinced that this stuff can be dealt with. Of course the police should be informed. However some pro-active steps from paddlers can be taken as well. No need to hurt anyone, just get in their face, if you see someone lurking around talk to them. Ask their name, if they live nearby, would they be interested in getting into paddling. Don’t give them opportunity, lock things up, park in plain view whenever possible, don’t leave tempting valuables visible inside your car.

    You all could help reduce the crap in the Preserve by driving thru whenever your in the area. You don’t have to actually do anything just take a spin thru , more activity or the apperance of it can’t hurt.

    For my part I have launched a plan to get some of the local kids into paddling this summer. Whitewater Ontario, Boatwerks, the local schools and CIBC have teamed up to offer an introductory to paddling weekend(free of cost) for a dozen or so local kids.I figure if we can get more of them involved locally it will create peer pressure as well as develop some sense of ownership.

    So in a sense Pete’s idea of sending them down the Otterslide is a very good one, just maybe we can make it happen in a boat.

    That being said, I’m all for using the no boat method as a last resort!


    However the situation is delt with, it would be great to keep the “locals” on our side. I like the idea of getting more of them the opportunity to get interested in whitewater.
    Depending on how they may be aproached, any kid in the area that is bored and looking at stealing from a vehicle could just as easily be turned into a pissed off kid that likes to slash tires or break windows. Who of us will win that battle he/she that live right there and can get easy access to the parking area on a bike or those of us that drive at least an hour to get there, jump out of our nice vehicles and into our fancy equipment, play on the water then drive back to wherever we came from?
    If the local kid has any interest in kayaking etc. but has no funds to get invollved in the sport the partnership mentioned by Hipnazi sounds like a great opportunity.
    Over the time I have been kayaking I have noticed that the little bit we as a group say to any local can have a very positive or negative effect on how they view all of us.

    About the cop comments. I dont like to be pulled over either but after working dispatch for the OPP my thoughts when hearing sirens quickly went from

    Somone is in S#%T !!
    Help is on the way!!

    (although when the lights and siren are behind the GTP I quickly know it me thats in S#%T !!)

    Kevin Forrest

    "bryce":15bjf515 wrote:
    I agree.

    I mean look at that time your front license plate got bumped up so you couldn’t see it. They were there for you then eh Rich?


    Ya they wer4e there for me a few times for that front plate thing… The OPP up here just love me soo much they gotta keep reminding me about it with $110 tickets.


    I was just commenting to friends that there are many parallels between the Beachburg area and the Friendsville area, except that the locals and officials in the valley are friendly to outsiders. I love that most everbody waves as you drive by in the Valley, even with a kayak on your rack. One big difference here is that Whitewater has had a very visible and positive effect on the local economy.

    It appears that the minden area has it all.
    Locals, a huge cottaging influx, and boaters, thrown into the mix.
    Driving around Friendsville with a kayak on my car gave me a window into the world of a visible minority. It sucks to have the local community keep a very skewed microscope on you, and always ready to take things the wrong way.
    anything you do while easily identified as part of this minority. Driving too fast by someones house (they get to define too fast), offhanded comments, changing in the bushes, parking in a legal yet popular parking spot, etc etc. reflects negatively on the whole community. There are also the compaints that we don’t spend enough in the community, but are also lumped in with the odd cottager with an overdeveloped sense of importance, and a demanding and rude manner.
    If a local gives you the finger as you drive by with your boat, don’t take it personally. they are giving the finger to the last 1,000 (outsiders) who pissed them off.

    whenever we are identified with our little minority, we are ambassadors for the whole community like it or not. As they say a lifetime of good acts can be destroyed by one thoughtless act or mistake, so we are always going to be digging out of a hole in a situation like this.

    Outreach is the only answer for this local attitude and it is extremely frustrating and you will constantly here unfair and uninformed complaints about outsider behavior.

    It also appears that the OPP have some sort of suspicions about boaters, much like the rangers and troopers around Friendsville or Summersville. Also born out of one or more incidents that could go back 30 years. Back then Roger Parsons had not done the incredible job of raising the money to buy land massage the river, and put in camping and parking, we used to poach camping and park all up and down the road causing crowding and traffic problems. I am sure that the Gull still has it’s days and weekends like that and the Minden area is a considerably busier place these days. I’m sure that they associate us with the Rockcliffe Hotel (the most famous little rock bar in the Province 25 years ago) and all of the incidents that they deal with related to it.
    Outreach is the only thing that will help there as well. If they see us as part of the solution and not just some pain in the ass transients who show up a few times a season to cause low level problems and complain, we will slowly get more respect.
    They live and deal with the local population (and are part of it) and as they see it we are all just transients in for the day so the local gets the benefit of doubt.

    all of this being said, the theft and discrimination is not right, paricularly by the OPP.
    Just be glad that Minden does not have a Summersville, WV attitude.
    for those unfamiliar you have to drive through one of the most notorious speed traps in the United States to get to the New and Gauley rivers from the north and they set up Narcotics/homeland security checkpoints on the night of Gauley festival.

    John Mason

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