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    Howdy all,

    I just wanted to take a quick sec to tell you what I think of the new H20 paddles.

    I have been using the H20 C1 Team bentshaft paddle all spring and it has performed really well.

    I had 20 days on the water in April and probably have at least 35-40 days on this paddle by now. I have been beating the crap out of it in shallow water, using it to push myself up eddies and have also saved myself using this blade as a shield between me and the river-bed.
    If you have any questions about the durability of these blades, you can lay them to bed.The plastic blade is stiff, light and durable as heck!
    Also the grip and bentshaft is pretty sweet, not only to serve as an ergonomic benefit for your joints, but also this grip gives you a spot to place your hand without losing your positioning on the shaft, it also forces you to lean forward and paddle more aggressively.

    All in all I have been really happy on the water with this new blade. The shape allows me to pull tons of water so I can make those ferries or attainments when I need to. I now also have complete confidence in the blade…which is important when you only have one <img loading=” title=”Wink” />
    Also the innovative shape of the blade allows for fast strokes around the bow and helps with pushing off of rocks to get back up to an eddie or wave!

    If you are an open boater, or a C1 paddler and are looking for something with some serious durability and performance, have a look at the new H20 Team C1 paddles:

    Drop by Boatwerks in Minden and I will loan you mine to take out on the water for a test paddle!

    Cheers, Jeff

    The Great Gonzo

    I can only second Strano’s comment, I have been using H2O Team Paddles (with a straight shaft, the position of the bend in the bent shaft paddle did not work for me) exclusively in my open boat as well as in my creek C1(different length paddl;e for each boat.
    They hold up extremely well to my abusive paddling style, much better so than my previous Werner Bandit.
    One really great feature is that the blade is very wide at the bottom, about 2 inches wider than most other blades, which gives you great purchas in shallow water.

    My only complaint is that on the old style stickers (the new paddles have a better sticker, as far as I know), the 2 fell off on both blades, and now my friends are making fun of me about paddling with a HO!!! :lol:



    Not only does Gonzo Man paddle with a HO, he loses his HO before getting to the putin. And it’s a long hike back to find your HO. But it’s a very small sacrifice to make and well worth it just to see your friend having such a good time paddling with his HO :lol: :lol:

    See ya, Leah

    The Great Gonzo


    I knew that one was coming… :oops: … But I am glad that I have my HO back…



    Ohh I’ll get you another sticker for your HO, so you can make it an H2O again, but i think you just like calling it a HO :lol:


    If I have a sticker, can I have a paddle to go with it? :lol: :lol: :oops:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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