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Hdroelectric works invasion in Greece.

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    Greek Paddler

    <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> 27.11.06. Greece is the only european country without land development project. This is the main reason why 250 small hydroelectric projects have already get a license and 150 more are waiting next in line. Almost every stream, creek or bigger river of Greece has a couple of pocket-power plants reservations for the near future. 40 of them are placed in runnable rivers and creeks, threating to end river running activities and change the nature of the area for ever.

    No more virgin river runs, for the few hundrend lacky paddlers, visiting Greece every spring, aware of this hidden whitewater paradise. No more three or five hour paddling without a human being in site. We may guarantee, that in a few years, there will be a road reaching the river every few kilometres, other roads will follow the banks – along the blue water pipeline – and finally we may guarantee, more class VI rapids (made of the road work debris of course).

    It is time to fight. We may not be able to save every river from the so – called "death list" but we will claim the best rivers for ourselves. Free flowing, for all paddlers, trekkers, fishermen and simple nature lovers. For all animals, birds and trees that still live there and shall be the first victims.

    Erymanthos, one of the best wild water runs in Greece, has been attacked and badly injured last winter, when a power plant construction company, built a road into the woods, without the proper lisence and with the forest service looking the other way. The local community protested, but until the case was brought to justice, much damaged hade already been done. The company is now returning with an alternative proposition for the project’s location. People still don’t want the project. Erymanthos has already have one of these built, a few years ago and we don’t care to have a second one.

    The area of rivers Agrafiotis and Tavropos, one of the still virgin mountain regions in central Greece, is threatened by a sum of 25 projects. What will be the fate of our still unspoiled nature in a few years, when heavy machines will be cutting roads into woods and throwing tones of rock into the river bed. I ‘m scared to even think of it.

    Visit the site of "Friend of the Greek Rivers" or read the "Save Erymanthos" article by Franz Bettinger, at … inger.html
    Don’t forget to join our fight. You have all seen this nightmare again and we need you to shout it out, as people here, still don’t care to listen.
    Join the circe of "Greek River Friends" and send your supporting message.

    Nikos Mavris
    TEAMadara, The Greek Paddling site.
    Greek River Friends. <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    Peter Karwacki

    I think you’ll get sympathy here but the action is back home in Greece.

    When I’m in Montreal, I get asked by panhandlers for support, "hey buddy, can you lend me a dime?"

    Well if I have the dime handy I do, but generally I think, Man there’s a ton of work to be done in Ottawa with Ottawa Panhandlers so I’ll let Montreal deal with its own.

    Still, there is the kindred spirit that I cannot resist. Apart from words of support, what can be done.

    I’ve been to Greece, many years (21) ago and I must admit, paddling wasn’t my priority, now here we have athens with one of the most advanced whitewater paddling (saltwater) venues in the world.

    How can we convince the powers that be that its better to preserve whitewater than try and create a flimsy facimile.

    Organize locally.


    Greek Paddler

    Even if we are far away, we may use internet power to share the problem. Right now, paddlers from all over Europe sending messages not just out of sympathy and will to help, but also to say that this is currently happening everywhere. It is time to stand up and fight all together, for the salvation of our most precious rivers, all over the world. An international list of rivers that should stay virgin.
    I agree with you Peter, that action should take place in Greece and this is what is happening. We Greeks have a long history of fighting – occasionally eachother – to protect what we feel precious and right. But we also need to act globaly, to ask for our paddling brothers everywhere, to join the fight, even with supporting posts.
    Next time, perhaps it will be your river in danger.
    Thank you for joining us.

    Jenny Right-Side

    It is Peter’s river in danger
    the Kipawa and others

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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