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    That last sting of "I just have to say…." recieved a lot of input.
    But, its not going to change anything – that perspon paddled without a helmate PDF…BFD, sure it was a dumb as thing to do but its over.

    Moving on regarding saftey:
    If you use a Protec helmet you may want to visit the following link.

    I think we all fail to realize that we might as well not wear any saftey if we are wearing it incerrectly or if its not really safe.

    ASk yourselves how manytime did you forget to do all the clips on your PDF, or didn’t snug it up, kept your chin strap lose, forgot to screw in your drain plug.

    Saftey is a habit.

    peterborough crew

    So is smoking and a lot people do that, what is your point!!!!


    No point really…just sending out hte link from WRSI website re protec helmet and respondign to the other thread.

    Nice avatar.


    what if i have a protec helmet that does not have the ear covers? is it still as dangerous?


    I agree with WRSI. The Protec helmet does not provide adequate protection for whitewater paddlers. Wearing this helmet while paddling whitewater could put you at greater risk for head injuries!

    A few years ago, while wearing a Protec helmet I took a serious hit to my head (on the ledge at Button Hook at the Kip) which resulted in a concussion and a nasty gash to my scalp. It didn’t help that the helmet was not properly fitted, however the flimsy Protec plastic did not absorb or distibute the impact.

    Since that incident, I have been wearing a composite helmet. My advice is to wear a well-fitted helmet that is specifically designed for whitewater paddling. Think about it….your head’s gotta be worth more than $39.95!!

    Safe paddling, Leah


    Jennifer Right-Side remarked to me last Saturday at Garvins, that my helmet seemed to be super loose. I have always felt that the fit was off, and when rolling (like to avoid a face plant with the bow of a kayak at Garvins- sorry about that surfer dude, Mike I think, never saw you…)-it goes all over the place. I tried tightenning it t’ill I couldn’t breathe so tight was the strap on my neck and still, the helmet bobbed back and forth on my head. So I just bought a Shred Ready helmet with the back of the back of the head ratchet adjustment thingy (Click to get it tighter) and WOW! it fits super well, very snug, does not move back and forth at all, and without cutting out my air supply! I guess I could’ve done that with my old helmet by packing in more foam, but maybe the helmet was justto big for my head in the first place. Who knew…?

    Anyways, Thanks Much for the advice Jen!

    Paul <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    I just hooked myself up with WRSI helmet and this is by far the most comfortable and well fitting helmet i have worn. my previous two shred ready helmets were both good, but not quite right, and would either move around a bit too much for my likings, or gave me weird pressure points on my head. My WRSI came with loads of extra pads to get the fit just right, and this thing sticks like glue without having to tighten it too much. Plus i got the AW edition in some sweet looking red/black/grey camo.

    Jenny Right-Side
    "windowshade":2imzh6ax wrote:
    Anyways, Thanks Much for the advice Jen!

    Paul <img loading=” title=”Smile” />[/quote:2imzh6ax]

    Hey no worries Paul, your entire forehead was exposed and I honestly didn’t want to see you gash that pretty face of yours <img loading=” title=”Wink” />
    Glad to hear you got a better fitting helmet!

    "ianp":1qiytd87 wrote:
    what if i have a protec helmet that does not have the ear covers? is it still as dangerous?[/quote:1qiytd87]

    I think that if you are concerned about how safe your helmet is you should likely not wear it. I have the same helmet, I think it does a good job if you get a direct hit, but after doing the research when shopping for a new helmet I agreed witht he results ofteh WRSI regarding the way helmetes slide back.

    I would say switch helmetes! I love my WRSI helmet.

    Other things to note about the WRSI helmet:
    1- comfort and fit – OMG it fells good
    2- style – looks fine(lets face it you dont want to look like a tool, thats why many people buy the kevlar helmets)
    3- Price – Holy Sh!t thats all for a helmet this nice
    4- Weight – its fairly light
    5- Saftey
    6- Non-prift company
    7- Buy the camo one and $10 goes to Amarican Whitewater

    I have always thought that the Kevlar helmets looked really nice, but I feel they are a bit pricey. I know kevlar is a great material that will stop a bullet…but we dont see that kind of trauma.
    We are moving maybe 20-30 kmph at top speed, in water, maybe above if you colide with a wall. Other indusrties have very high standards of safety and the users are often moving at much greater speeds and they dont use kevlar (bicycling).

    So I think unless you plan on getting shot in the head, and want a great helmet for a great price go with the WRSI, you’ll likely be pleased.

    They are also working on a removable FPS (face protection system) and have removable ear protection….sure beats having 2 helmets that cost $200+ each!

    Kevin M

    Unless things have changed, I was under the impression that any composite helmet has to be thrown out after a hit. This is because one hit weakens the material and you can’t detect the damage.
    How many people tossed out their expensive helmet after one hit?


    Good point…and what constitutes a "hit"….I took a hit the other day in ‘safe spot on the back of my head, left a descent gash in the helmet, I felt the impact, but no harm….I was wearing my new WRSI helmet forthe first time and it was the first and only ‘strong’ hot so far.
    These helmets are specifically designed for multi-impact as well.


    Scratches in the Gel Coat aren’t an issue. Most hits result in a scatch.

    If the scratch starts to reveal but not disturb the weave it is repairable.

    If the scratch or hit tears the weave then the helmet is ruined. It is obvious what this kind of damage looks like once you’ve seen it.

    I’m not sure how you can tell if plastics have damage that can result in failure.
    I would think that is a less certain appraisal to make.


    I thought it was more an issue of the foam degrading after a big hit, rather than the composite shell (beyond the obvious cracks or damage). Could be wrong though. Different helmets use different foams and some like EPP can handle multiple impacts.

    Open Gate

    The shell is very important but the foam compression, which helps decelerate the head inside the helmet, is permanent after a hit. This will not go back to it’s original form, thus not provide absorption next time you hit it in the same place.

    Plastics, after 5 years of exposition to UV rays become brittle and do not protect any more :roll:


    After a hit that majorly damaged my sweet helmet I too got a wrsi….I really like the fit i have with the supplied kit.Itsa really snug fit and wont move around no matter how hard i push up on the brim. My only beef with this lid was after an intense arobic workout last week I guess I wasnt upside down at all and the helmet was soaked in sweat…the next day when we went to paddle it stunk sooo bad….worse than my 4 year old fuzzy rubber….i washed it out and its not bad now but this liner may be a problem for smell…anyone else notice this?

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