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    Curious as to how people get into this awesome sport.


    I was a flat water tripper then these guy’s a friend of mine knew needed a sixth person for trip they were doing (the Groundhog). So she introduced me to them and i went. Came back hooked on whitewater and river tripping
    which is more fun than a flat water loop


    I started kayaking with the Esprit Rafting’s teen week back in 1997 but most of my kayaking skills I learned came from going on trips with my mentor and good friend Craig Peabody.

    Jenny Right-Side

    I used to be a cyclist, and injured my knee biking across Canada. Steve and Ian told me to come to a pool session at the Sportsplex, and I watched a couple of weeks and then got into a spare boat. Ian explained and demoed how to roll, and I flipped over to try and made it my first time!
    From that point on I decided that this was something I was meant to do since I couldn’t bike anymore.
    I met my boyfriend at a weekend clinic last spring, and he has kept me on the river ever since and is always encouraging me to step it up when I indicate that I’m ready.
    My next big step is to surf Big Bus if it comes back in.
    I wouldn’t trade WW kayaking for the world. It’s way more fun than riding my bike on some boring old road!


    Started flat water paddling years ago, and just converting to whitewater. done some pool sessions and still working on it. going to try and take a class in may maybe. looking at elora classes (its closest to me I think).


    I took a week-long clinic for teens that was offered to kids in the Pontiac by Equinox for 100$, got hooked, shadowed an instructor for 2 1/2 months. I basically sat in on clinics 5 days a week and then went out with people from work for about 2 hours after work every night. It was the coolest summer <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    just started paddling with my dad, got my roll down pat then went to the bigger water. If you get a roll really quick and well, the learning curve is really steep


    got hook’d when i did a seakayak trip on Lake Superior. and then our guide, and friend, got me into a playboat and went to play in the surf. good times! been addicted ever since. bought my boat a month later and been doin’ it ever since….. sah-weet!


    Scotty The MAN

    I probably had one of the more unusual starts to WW paddling that’ll get posted here.

    I was teaching ESL in South Korea. My “weekend fun” was playing Ultimate in Seoul with the Korea Ultimate National Team. (You make the acronym…) Anyway, one of the guys on the team was an American who had paddled extensively in the southeast US before going to Korea. Having learned enough Korean language, he hooked up with the local paddling scene there, and had a great time.


    He also wanted to paddle with english speaking friends on the Korean rivers.

    So, he talked to the local Korean club, and set up a lesson program for “way-gook” (foreign) english teachers in the mountains of Korea.

    I guess aside from the exotic location, I had a pretty normal start to paddling. The lesson program was a pool session on a Sunday, then a weekend clinic on the river the next weekend. After that, we were welcome to paddle with the local Korean club. Paddled with them about ten times more then moved back home and got into the regular swing of things here.

    Scotty the MAN


    Started about four years ago, at age 38, after two years of white water tandem and solo canoeing. Learned to roll a canoe before rolling a kayak. My brother taught me at first and then I took courses with down to earth (good outfit). I joined a masters slalom kayaking, C-1 group which practices at the Pump House 2 years ago. I think slalom is really awsome. I love canoeing, kayaking, doing slalom. I even tried C-1 last year and I tilt my hat to anyone good enough to C-1, takes a lot of skills! Not really good at anyone of these sports, but love them all. My biggest thrill is still surfing a nice big wave and getting a couple of spins. My biggest mental block is still running rivers, after spending way too much time upside-down in Phills. That really set my paddling confidence back. I think I’m ready this year to start river running again, if I don’t I’ll never hear the end of it from the likes of Larry Wong, Rob and especially Bill.




    went rafting, went wow this would be soo much more fun in a small boat.. and then it all began… damn kayaking and its stupid addictive habits.


    Got hooked with day trips to the Gull while I was a camper at Camp Kandalore, and was taught by none other than “Hurricane” Harada before he even knew what a C1 was.

    Got my own boat when I was 17 and am still going strong today.

    Paddling is fun :lol:



    I was 3, for my first Canoe trip,
    I was 9 for my first whitewatter experience
    I was 13 for my first solo whitewatter
    i was 17 when i got my own solo playboat
    I am 19 and i switched to C1.

    Whats next… i don’t know but i hope its fun.


    Thought it looked like fun on TV but no one around us paddled and I’d never even sat in one before.

    Walked into MEC one day with my brother and bought a boat (Rockit), paddle and skirt. No helmet and we used Bouy-o-Boy lifejackets. I/We had no idea how this worked. (I tried to put my skirt on over my head…)

    Learned to roll from instructions I printed from the internet. That was 8 years ago.



    I didn’t – I got into WW canoeing instead. :lol:

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