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How to reach wavesport ? (and why trailhead sucks)

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    Hey does anybody know the phone number to reach wavesport customer service or their email. I have been looking for in on their website but for some reason I can’t seem to be able to find it.

    This is where I start bitching about Trailhead :

    The reason why I need this is that the plastic straps of my project 52 backband are have both been broken for about 2.5 month now. I have been able to somewhat repair it but some new ones would be nice. I have been trying to get to wavesport through [b:2npx1g6v]Trailhead[/b:2npx1g6v] but honestly, they don’t seem to give a #$$$ about the whole issue as every time I call them back, they say that the rep hasn’t gone back to them, that they are going to try to email him again … this excuse is starting to get old and I am fed up with this really. Maybe what they are saying is true and the rep is really slow but after almost 3 month, I don’t think that ther are pursuing this agressively enough.

    Anyway, at this point, I am thinking about reaching wavesport directly. Any other ideas ?


    Kevin M

    Buy your next boat from Jeff. Look up to your right, there is a button that says Online Store. Try it some time.

    He is really good at getting warranty work done with the manufacturers.


    I reckon it’s or
    (try the first one)




    Simon – Ive got a couple for you if you need.

    Ive also found that complaining about warranty work on gets you results pretty fast. Amazing actually. It worked for me with both Necky and Riot when the customer service was getting me nowhere.


    If I remember, Ill bring them Sunday. They’re probably in a box someplace.



    customer service can be reached using the toll free number found at

    Use the ‘contact us’ tab.

    or using this link

    Simon, I did send you a PM, please contact me and I will fix this situation.




    Hey Simon, needed some warranty work done on my T 4 awhile back this was the fellow who helped me out. Andrew sterling eastern canadn sales rep. office number 613 382 2531 ext. 102 or web site Confluence water sports is the larger company of which wave sport is part of. They now have bacome part of wilderness systems so I’m not sure if that andrew fellow is still there.


    Should have read the hole thread more closely ,theres Andrew there.


    Thanks for all the reply !

    I just exchanged a couple of message with Andrew and it looks like my problem is solved. Impressive ! Its too bad it came down to this really as I always had a good service at Trailhead in the past … maybe I just didn’t get lucky that time around.

    Anyway good job to the wavesport team, they seem to take customer service seriously ! Awesome

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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