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I don’t want to ask where the put in is, ever again

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    Some buddies and I are building a web site where people can share info on all kinds of outdoor things. It’s like wikipedia, except it’s specifically for boaters and climbers and that kind of person, so the info is really specific — where’s the put in, how do I get there with a boat, where do I camp, …

    It’s really new so there’s not much content there yet. But it would be wicked if some of you could add some content, like how to get to your favorite river, or what a wave is like at different water levels, or where you go for beers after, or whatever.

    It’s called Ootboot ( I hope it’ll get to be really useful. Please check it out.

    If someone added a Boatwerks entry to the Guidebook (that’s what we call the encyclopedia), with a link back to the site, that would be a good resource, too.

    And if anyone operates an outdoor-related business, you can input your own content, too. Send me a note on the "contact us" page and I’ll give you some details on free ways that we’ve developed for businesses to get a presence on the site.


    excellent… aw’s site has something kind of like that, but i think canada has been needing it for a long time. if i could make a suggestion make a section that has river info based on a map so you can find something running where ever you are. best of luck with your site and i can definatly say that if it works well im gonna use it!


    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Hey, I just noticed that you posted something else where you mention Pushbutton. Any chance I can talk you into registering on and creating an entry for Pushbutton — where it is on the Ottawa (which channel, how far from the put it), what it’s like, how it is at different levels, any dangers to watch out for…
    That would be perfect content for ootboot.


    you should check out some pages, like teh whats running page it has some info on certain rivers, when it comes ot specific spots youll have to ask an sxpert…i would hink sharky would know ALOT about the ottawa at its different levels, he would have some great input.

    theres alos a page called local ottawa paddler or somehting like that i can try and find them and post them for you.

    but i really like the idea of a website to have everyhting on it instead of a bunch of random pages to find stuff THANKS!


    that is so great!
    its so nice to see all that information compiled on one site. im excited to see it gorw and become a huge resource.
    hats off!


    Cool. Check out for some excellent pointers on river maps. Looks like you can use google to create maps. Good luck.

    Derek Mereweather

    There was an effort to do just this last year (I forget who was doing it, but I thought Rich was connected somehow). Here are a couple of URL’s to link to: … 2,0.455933

    Not sure who the author is to give credit to.

    Then there is this one by Butter

    which provides info in a solid format.

    Wildrock has descriptions of local rivers:

    Then there is the wealth of info on this board. The "What’s Running" section has great info, as do the myriad posts answering questions. I would suggest that entries have links to water levels to make it the complete package – or simply link to sources like Boatwerks for the info.

    Good luck.



    I like the world kayak site as mentioned before. EJ is a big part of it and some other big names. If it works it would be a huge wealth of knowledge. No point in having a bunch of sites all trying to do the same thing because different people use different sourses and therefore info is missed. But if everyone uses the same site, all the info is in one place. Thjat is why I think another Ontario based discussion board like this one would be a waste of time. Because EVERYONE uses boaterboard.

    So try the Worldkayak.??? site


    I was starting it, but have not had any time to continue it more.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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