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I have the guy online who pulls the internet scams whattodo?

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    Brad Sutton

    No shit the guy has e-mailed me a few times now here is his latest for my super star:

    Good Evening Brad,

    I am ok with the price and the present working
    condition,i just want you to know that mode of payment
    will be in money order, you are going to receiving the
    sum of $4000 you are going to deduct your asking
    price and send the rest of the money to the shipping
    agent that will come for pick-up via (Western Union
    Money Transfer)

    Please your name and address with the phone number
    will be using to prepare the payment out to you.

    Best Regards

    — Brad Sutton <>

    > Hi Soji,
    > The shell of the kayak has no dents or cracks
    > in the plastic and
    > is still in excellent condition. It comes with a
    > foot bean bag and air
    > bladder. The seat comes with foam blocks underneath
    > the seat to give
    > the paddler a little bit of a high position over the
    > deck of the kayak
    > making it feel more balanced.
    > Where do you kayak?
    > thanks,
    > Brad
    > On 10/14/06, soji man <> wrote:
    > > Good Morning Seller,
    > > How are you doing today?i spot your advert and it
    > is
    > > very interestinG?
    > > Please tell me the present working condition? how
    > > about the pictures of it?
    > > How long it been in your care?
    > > Are you the first owner?do you still have the
    > receipt
    > > of the items?
    > > I look forward to your positive response.
    > > Best Regards
    > >
    > > Soji
    > >
    > >
    Lets get him
    B-rad :evil:

    Brad Sutton

    He’s gonna’ flood his Ip Address, whoo-hoo here the latest:

    me: I am about to catch a an internet fraud person who has been pulling scams :evil:

    B-rad’s Spy Guy:Why what’s up

    me: He trys to send money orders and then wants you to cash them but by the time the bank realizes the cheque is a fake he has the boat and free shipping

    B-rad’s Spy Guy:Is it an email scam

    me: check out my post on boater board here: … 2282#12282

    me: Can you catch this guy this has been an ongoing problem for our whitewater kayaking community

    B-rad’s Spy Guy:I can take him down by flooding his IP address stay tune

    me: How do we get jis Ip address I hear he is from europe or something like that england area I think?

    Note My Spy Guy is very good and sold a HArd drive to DND two weeks before the 17 terriosts from Canada were taken before June 6th of this year.

    OHhhh and here is Soji latest!: :evil:

    Once the check has clear you are going to deduct the
    cost of my order and send the rest of the money to the
    shipper that will come for the pick-up at your home
    address and i hope this is clearly and
    understand.please kindly get back to me with the name
    and address with the phone number.

    Best Regard

    Let’s get this guy,
    B rad :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: <img loading=” title=”Cool” />

    Brad Sutton

    Heres the latest:

    me: how can we get this guy he wants my address and info and stuff?

    B-rad’s Spy Guy: This ID scam do not relay to him
    I will have tech crime unit follow up in the morning

    me: Wow sheesh, thanks man go easy on the poor fellow, :lol: who knows once we find out who it truly is we might all be surprised. <img loading=” title=”Cool” /> By the way I still can’t seem to get that ad hellfU@# stuff off of my add/remove thing, anyways what ever you think you can do, awesome!!

    B-rad’s Spy Guy:Go to mircosoft website and down the program called windows denfender this is best way

    me: Awesome let us know on the boaterboard or e-mail with the details of the theif update?

    This guy is so going down,
    B-rad <img loading=” title=”Cool” />


    not sure if this will help; but I came across a list of links on the internet where you can report this guy.


    Have fun with him…. <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> Search for scambaiting and you’ll find some helpful tips. These jokers are a dime-o-dozen… Some of the guys who devote their online life to this actually scam them! Goes something like this…

    Scammer sends a check..
    Baiter sends a long email dodging sending the product/funds..
    Scammer waits patiently, writes more long emails…
    Baiter delays even more, writes more emails, appologizing that it’s taking so long…
    Baiter encounters some cashflow problems, needs $19 CASH to send the package…
    Scammer sends him the CASH..
    Baiter never responds..
    Scammer gets angry..
    Baiter appologizes profusely, promises to send product…
    Scammer get even more angry – threats of violence occur
    These threats, and photos of the scam artist are major trophys for folks…

    Personally I don’t have the time or moral compass to do the above, but I certainly do find it amuzing and have no trouble recommending this behaviour to others! <img loading=” title=”Wink” /> good luck.


    Hey B-rad.

    Have fun messing with this guy.

    I hate to say it, but even if you get this guy, the scam will not go away.

    There are literally thousands of these guys out there, mostly off continent.

    The best way to protect ourselves from these guys is to educate eachother and make this scam as well known as possible.

    So everyone tell someone, and I’ll do my part by putting a scam warning in the classifieds section, if it’s ok with Jeff.

    Cheers man.


    getting an ip address doesnt mean anything either… Its VERY VERY easy to spoof that. So flooding his so called ip wouldnt do anything.

    Just ignore the guy, simple as that.


    Rich, you seem to know a lot about the darker side of the internet.

    All the “GREY” areas and such.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:


    everything you need is here .


    I agree with Rich you don’t want to mess with this dudes if you don’t know what your doing… usually these guys really cover their tracks but again its your call… personally i would just ignore it and put it into my spam folder…

    "mark.d":3braqc9m wrote:
    everything you need is here .[/quote:3braqc9m]

    I’ve read through that site before. It’s funny and alll, but I personally would think twice before playing with these guys for a couple of reasons.

    1. They are criminals and
    2. I’ve got better things to do.

    I’d just report them and ignore them. That’s just me though. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    "cboater":1bhuko8o wrote:
    Scammer get even more angry – threats of violence occur
    These threats, and photos of the scam artist are major trophys for folks…

    Personally I don’t have the time or moral compass to do the above, but I certainly do find it amuzing and have no trouble recommending this behaviour to others! <img loading=” title=”Wink” /> good luck.[/quote:1bhuko8o]

    :shock: Really? Cause I have a problem recommending anything that would end up with threats of violence towards someone.

    And yes I understand that most of these guys are from overseas. But why risk it?


    ok, maybe recommend is a little harsh – “inform”


    A bit of info about the existing programs for reporting fraud. PhoneBusters is an organization joint with the Provincial Police and the RCMP.

    PhoneBusters is designed to gather and disseminate consumer fraud inquiries and complaint data.

    A representative will contact you if further information is required.
    Please visit our web site for additional information

    Note: Advanced Fee Fraud Letters (Nigerian-type letters) should be directly forwarded to

    Kevin M

    Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying that I won an online lottery from the UK.
    I don’t have to be a resident to claim it.
    Evidently you don’t have to buy a ticket or enter a draw.
    All I have to do is give them my personal information and I get the money.

    My guess is that this is step on in identity theft.

    These scams make me wonder why people keep falling for them but I am impressed with how many different tacks they take.

    If you won’t fall for the one about Prince Habibu from Nigeria wanting to funnel 250 million into Canada through your bank account.

    Maybe you will fall for the fake lottery.

    If not how about a letter from the "royal bank" asking you to follow the link and verify all your personal information online so they can check and see if you’ve been hacked.
    If it isn’t any of the banks it’s your credit card or paypal (whether or not you have a paypal account). If the bank thinks I’ve been a victim of fraud I better be getting a phone call and a request to come down to the branch in person.

    Maybe you’d like some cheep Meedications. Maybe I prefer buying my medications from someone who can spell.

    Of course you might need some Medications if you answer the one from the lonely woman in Uzbekistan or one of the former soviet block countries.

    Of course the guy in England who wants to buy my snowmobile is one of my favourites. Lot’s of sledding to be had in England. He is paying me so much for it that I might even throw my snowboard in for free.

    As dumb as these things are they must work because they keep doing it.
    PT Barnum was right.

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