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Is it possible to portage every rapid on the Rouge River?

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    Planning to head up w/ a group & no one in the group has paddled the Rouge River (just in case!!!). Is it possible to portage every rapid on it? What is the skill level of the river/ most rapids?



    I did the Rouge last year in August and I believe you can portage every fall. We had two people who didn’t want to do them and they portaged every fall except for the last one, which you can do with almost no consequences – it’s very simple and just plain fun. As far as the class of fall, I think they are 3-4 something around there from what I’ve been told. The first drop is actually a double with a nasty hole at the bottom of the second part of the double drop. This double drop is a boof. The third fall you need to tuck. The third and fourth is a double drop and you have to be careful for this one because if you screw up the first drop, you could mess up the second in a bad way – you can get out before it and walk half way and seal launch to do the second one. These two are both boofs. The last one is basically another boof with lots of rooster tails and it is quite wide. It is fun and easy. However, keep in mind that we did not do the very first drop, I believe it is called Washing Machine. Also, make sure you are polite with the local rafting company when trying to get access and really try to call in advance. I think they are called Le Monde. We had a little trouble at first and had to negotiate with them but in the end it worked out. I’m no expert on the river so you would be best to get someone who has paddled it a few times at different levels. Anyways hope that helps! Cheers and enjoy your trip!

    – Yash


    Which part of the Rouge? Harrington Canyon section?

    If so, it is portagable, except the first (and toughest) rapid – this one requires you to portage through the first big drop on a trail on river right. You then can put-in, paddle across the river and portage from there, but it is a nasty carry!!! It may be possible to do the entire portage river right, but there isn’t a trail defined for the 2nd part, and once again it is a difficult carry.

    After that, it is easy to scout from the shore, but it should be runnable without too much difficulty.


    The section playboater17 is talking about is for a experts only with proper safety especially at the current level, it is currrently twice as high (60cms) and that section is normally run at 15-25, sometimes at 30-35 but by serious boaters only. 95% of the time this section is portaged even at low levels so be careful, the last fall is not without consequnces above 45 all the water flows into a large pin rock, and the second to last fall is suicidal above 80, very few people have run all 7 chutes above 30 cms for good reason.

    The canyon section is for intermediates with the trouble that the first rapid is the hardest but this section is relativly safe class3 with canyon being an easy 4 and turbo being as easily aviodable but nasty hole further down.

    The lower section is more class 4 and is recommended at flows above 60 to have a solid river roll, you can portage scout easily but the portage through slice&dice to washing machine is a good 1/4 km walk, if you can paddle the ottawa you can do the rouge, just make sure you take out above the 7 chutes and have a look at them about 1/2km after washing machine after a flatwater lake.

    Also do not use new world rafting property! Azul rafting is kayaker freindly for the put-in ( sometimes charge 3$ car but not lately) and take out at the highway bridge at the camping spot.


    Thanks for the input there actually as I have only been once I was wondering what the different levels were. I would like to take another trip this year so hopefully I will go up soon! Cheers – Yash

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