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Is Skookumchuck worth it at 9-10knots?

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    Mike Palmer

    Anyone know if Skook would be worth it at 9-10 knots. I am in Van for a few days and wanted to check it out. Also do folks think there will be other boaters there at that level? Planning on going Sun-Mon.



    i’ve only paddled it at 16, which is fairly prime and even then there we not to many of us there, maybe 10 max. I was told horror stories of lines of 40 peps, i doubt that you have crowds at all, and maybe not even a companion?


    Pretty sure it wouldnt really be worth it, I imagine that if you did go you would likely be alone. I think it would be worth it getting up over 11, If you are around for awhile, I thinkl starting next friday it will be a good level at a good tie in the day, but there will likely be many people there…maybe see you there


    Ive paddled Skook at a 10.5, 13.5 and i think 12.? peak, so it would have built to that point, and you could paddle it still. Fror what I rember there is a small wave there at most levels.

    In fact, when it is lower the wave is kinda cool because you can see the kelp flapping and the rock shelf underneath.

    Anyway, 10 knots is the normal "minimum" level i think, but it is still a really cool place anyway. And you may luck out, and have it all to yourself if the tide is a little low.


    10 is borderline the surf pile won’t be around for very long, lots o green. I think 10.6 is the lowest I’ve ever been there at and it was ok


    you would definetly need a faster, planing boat if the tides are a bit low

    Brendan R

    Don’t worry about paddling alone, just got back from a trip with easily 20-25 people in the line up and 15 in the top eddy once she greened out

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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