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    I am a single paddler in the Ottawa area and am looking for people to paddle with this summer. Any groups looking for more paddlers?


    if you have a car…

    im always looking for a rid up to a river!

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    our group is called the GJAR “give james a ride”
    we pay gas money, or buy you bears afterwards, and all you have to do is drive our group members to and from the river and paddle with us, our group has very experienced paddlers, who are up for any river and any rapid. just incase it is unclear at this point, i am currently the only member of GJAR.

    other groups that regularly paddle, Down to Earth, Curier de bois, ORR, (is that it?)



    Uhm… that’s Coureurs de Bois or CdB, just look it up with Google or try . It’s an Ottawa based club that does mostly day trips. River runners, playboaters, canoeists and slalom people. Great bunch. They have a Champlain bridge outing every Thursday at around 6pm t’ill sundown and beers afterwards. Great club, if you don’t mind “older members…” calling you a wuss for not running gnarly rivers, although they also paddle easy stuff, every weekend during the paddling season. Come down to the bridge and meet the crew!

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    Check out

    We are a new club in the Eastern Ontario Region based out of Williamstown Ontario.

    We go out weekly to the Riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield (a great play spot and also a slalom course) as well as the Champlain Bridge, the Rouge and we will be taking day and week end trips to the Ottawa river and Lachine Rapids.

    We are not a big group but we have a good time ad learn from each other as we get better.

    We also have a selection of boats availalble to our members for a very small fee for use during outings if they do not have their own or are considering something else.

    If you are interested or just curious check out the website, drop us a line and come paddle with us.


    If you arecurious about the Riviere St-Charles check out the following link:
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    Coureurs de Bois website is
    Membership information and contact info can be found there

    We paddle most weekends and mid-week trips during the summer.

    Knarly Rivers??? only sometimes



    [quote:3klpokw8]buy you bears afterwards[/quote:3klpokw8]

    James… didn’t you lose your fake ID? what are you 16?

    hehee i’m mean i know, but it was so fricking funny at O’Malleys’

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