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Kipawa at 5.7 on guage-what is flow?

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    Thinking of running the Kipawa this weekend for the first time, with some younger experienced open boaters. Is this flow suitable for tandem tripping-style canoe (outfitted)? Also is it possible to take-out at Broken Bridge or elsewhere to only run the first half?

    Any help is good.




    5.7 means the dam is pretty much closed, very low flow.

    Everything is still runnable (not the dam).

    You will probably want to walk Rock and Roll but there is a low-water run through a hole on river left.

    Buttonhook gets boney. You have to pick your way down. It shallows out in the bottom half.

    Take-outs possible:

    – run the top, take out at the park
    – run the top, take out at Broken Bridge


    Because of the work going on at the dam, they have often had to close the dam during the week, and open it on weekends. You may find the level is 5.7 at noon on friday but 7.3 saturday morning.

    Email me if you need additional information:


    The Great Gonzo

    We were up there a month ago when they had the dam completely shut off, and the minumum flow is, due to the much reduced seepage through the new coffer dam on river right, significantly less than what it used to be. We estimated the new minimum flow at around 5 cms, the river is definitely not runnable any more at this level.

    Also be aware that, due to the construction, the old put-in at the base of the earthen dam on river right is gone and a construction site right now, so you will have to find an alternate put-in in Laniel.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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