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    I’ve never been to the Kipawa River Rally and I was looking for some info that isn’t up on the website. Is registration required ahead of time or do you just show up? What’s available for camping?


    Hey Jess.

    Check the board on Friday May 11. Jenny Right-Side was looking for some of the same info.

    Take care, Ryan.


    Hey Jess,
    Nothing needs to be booked in advance, you just show up and either camp at the put-in, directly across from the Depaneur in Laniel (paid campsite), or down at the take-out (free as far as I know, but buggier). I have always camped up at the top, but I ususally roll in around 1:00 in the morning so it is just easier since it is right off the highway.


    Peter Karwacki

    Past practice was to camp on the private camp ground owned by Yves, the depaneur owner, take a room at Chalet Diane, or Chez Lucarne, or brave Topping Road to the Kipawa River Lodge.

    The next day, a volunteer would be by to collect a registration fee, and camping fee, possibly sell you a T-shirt, or a voucher for dinner of Fish or Breakfast, or possibly a shuttle.

    The vibe would be cool: so many padders all in the same head space.

    The water: warm, the skies clear, the bugs ( bearable).

    You’ll be excited about the days possibilities: will I run the sluice? Is that big wave going to be kicking?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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