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Kipawa River (old flow levels vs new flow levels)

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    There has been some confusion around Kipawa flows and the flow levels posted on the board recently.

    In 1996 the owner of the flow gauge on the Kipawa River, Environment Canada, recalibrated the flow calculation table.

    This resulted in a significant change in recorded flow levels on the river.

    We did not become aware of this change until this year. Up until July we were still using the old calibration table to calculate cms (including for the Kipawa levels posted here on the board).

    The old table is still correct, in that it provides the levels we have always used to talk about cms on the Kipawa. The problem is that these old flow values do not provide the best available estimate of actual cms in the river. For example, what we had talked about as 100 cms was actually 72 cms using the new flow calculation table.

    We have a table that cross references the old and new flow values. The table also indicates the key break points (typical low summer levels, minimum dam-run level, and the recorded Rally levels for the past six years).

    The table doesn’t translate well into text to post the board. But it is available as an Excell or Word file. We will make this available on the Les Amis website in the next couple of days. I’ve sent a copy to Thom and Bryce as well in the hope that it can be made available here.



    It is available here….has been since early in the summer. The conversion chart #s on the “Whats Running” page are all from the new conversion chart. I will revise the “low, ideal, high” level information to reflect the new information.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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