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    Peter Karwacki

    This came across the cnnmathews newswire today.

    Note that a transfer of this magnitude should requir a comprehensive environmental review, not a simple screening. See the CEAA

    The article doesn’t even mention Tabaret but the reasons for the transfer are…lame.

    Its obvious the next step is divestment to Hydro Quebec for TABARET:

    In case you didn’t know it:
    TABARET is Hydro Québec’s plan to divert water from the Kipawa River at Laniel, Québec.
    see: … medium.jpg

    also this in from the last rally:

    so SAD… … _large.jpg


    1) Tabaret is too big. The station is designed to use
    every drop of water available in the Kipawa
    watershed, but will run at only 44 percent capacity.
    We believe the Tabaret station is designed to use
    water diverted from the Dumoine River into the
    Kipawa watershed in the future.
    2) The Tabaret project will eliminate the aquatic
    ecosystem of the Kipawa River.
    The Tabaret project plan involves the diversion of a
    16-km section of the Kipawa River from its natural
    streambed into a new man-made outflow from Lake

    3) Tabaret will leave a large industrial footprint on the
    landscape that will impact existing tourism
    operations and eliminate future tourism potential.
    4) The Tabaret project is an aggressive single-purpose
    development, designed to maximize power
    generation at the expense of all other uses.
    5) River-diversion, such as the Tabaret project, taking
    large amounts of water out of a river’s natural
    streambed and moving it to another place, is very
    destructive to the natural environment.
    6) The Kipawa River has been designated a protected
    greenspace in the region with severe limitations on
    development. This designation recognizes the
    ecological, historical and natural heritage value of
    the river and the importance of protecting it.
    Tabaret will eliminate that value.
    7) If necessary, there are other, smarter and more
    reasonable options for producing hydro power on
    the Kipawa watershed. It is possible to build a lowimpact
    generating station on the Kipawa river, and
    manage it as a “run-of-the-riverâ€

    Peter Karwacki


    NEWS RELEASE Les Amis de la Rivière Kipawa

    For immediate release:
    August 28, 2006


    VILLE MARIE, QUEBEC – A Quebec river advocacy group says the federal government’s plan to transfer ownership of a dam in northwest Quebec to the provincial government will pave the way for Hydro-Quebec to completely divert a 16-km section of the Kipawa River for power production.

    “Hydro-Quebec has been trying to divert this river for power production for several years,â€


    this stuff makes me want to go native and take up arms and built blockades. how do the native in the area feel maybe get them involved
    cause they seem to be legally allowed to do these things with out reprocussions

    Peter Karwacki

    Interesting observation:

    Have you read the Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey?

    Les Amis has met with the Algonquins affected. They have their own ideas, no doubt.



    Well, ya know what they say:

    At the end of the game, the pawn and the king end up in the same box.

    That says it all.

    Peter Karwacki

    Those movers and shakers seem to be slithering along with their decision making.

    I know many of you clearly believe that this is what the move is all about as I do.

    To avoid the public outcry they manoever, and molify and dance and worse, they lie.

    1. Tabaret must have a full Environmental Assessment by the CEEA
    2. PWSCG intends to transfer the ownership of the dam from the Federal Government to the Government of Québec
    3. Québec’s ownership of the dam is prerequisite to Tabaret

    But this is the key point

    Keep in mind that in going through the CEA registry for the Laniel Dam Refurbishment we found a copy of the Laniel Dam Operating manual

    4. the Laniel Dam Operating manual clearly states that it is the intention of PWGSC to divest the dam to Hydro Quebec.

    Its always been part of the plan. Now we need letter writers to demand that PWGSC conduct that comprehensive EA prior to transfer. This is what you should write using your own words:

    Draft letter to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

    Les amis de la riviere Kipawa received correspondence from the CEAA’s Sid Gershberg dated October 28, 1998 indicating that the Tabaret Project of Hydro Quebec would require a comprehensive Environmental Assessment under the CEA. The Tabaret Project involves “the construction of a structure for the diversion of over 10 000 000 m3 per year of water” said Gershberg.

    The recent announcement by Mr. Fortin, Minister of Public Works Goods and Services Canada that the Laniel Dam, currently under refurbishment is to be transferred to the Government of Quebec must be put under a comprehensive Environmental Assessment in our view as this transfer is the necessary step required to enable Tabaret. In his letter Mr. Gershberg indicated that there was no link between Taberet ad the tranfer of the dam but this is now refuted by the evidence.

    In the operating procedure manual for the Laniel Dam there is a direct reference to the divestment of the Laniel Dam to Hydro Quebec for its Tabaret project. This document came to light while searching through the registry for the Laniel Dam Refurbishment. In fact, the EA associated with that project is being put under judicial review currently.

    Your immediate action is required to comprehensively review the proposed transfer of the Laniel dam to the Quebec Government and its corporate ally, Hydro Quebec under the requirements of the CEA.

    Folks, in closing let me say this:

    There is a moment in time to act. Once the moment is passes, the opportunity is past, much like swinging at a pitch when its a full count. Something is going to happen and you may not like what it is.

    Please take the time to write, focus the attention for a moment, this moment on the future, your children, the future of paddling yes, but also the world and the environment in general. Its easy to get deflated and say.. “what’s the use” and give up, but rather, consider this, here is an opportunity to do something, to do your part and make a difference.

    Write now please.




    If you want to play in Texas … ya gotta have a fiddle in the band.


    Peter – for convenience, what is the address to request an EA?

    Thanks, Mike.


    Dams are the best creations ever. I don’t believe in the term unrunable. Last week I was the first paddler to run a bottom release damn! WHAT A RUSH. If anybody finds an astral Newton Black in color let me know, you wouldn’t believe the down time you can get with no pfd. Bring it on TABARET I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to run it, if running a dam is that big of a deal.

    p.s. anybody wana meet me at the Hoover next weekend???


    Peter Karwacki

    Remember paddlers were safely using the Sluice for over 40 years. It is, by far, the safest of the steep drops on the Kipawa. We don’t say every dam should be run we do say that planners must accommodate recreational paddlers and by this we do not mean building trails.

    We do support the construction of trails to improve access.

    We are pro smart development, and sustainable development that “exploits” more than one value of the resource, NOT just water control, NOT just power production, but TOURISM, creation of a human friendly and nature friendly environment.

    NOW THE MOE contact:

    Hon. Rona Ambrose
    Minister of the Environment
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    copy Stephen Harper
    Jack Layton also in the House
    and Fortier, Michael (Hon.) Minister of Public Works and Government Services also in the house
    no postage required

    More information about Rona

    Constituency Offices

    6801-170th Street
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5T 4W4

    Telephone: (780) 495-7705
    Fax: (780) 495-7741

    5301-50th Street
    Stony Plain, Alberta
    T7Z 1W3

    Telephone: (780) 968-6475

    Peter Karwacki

    Now the latest, a press release from the Sierra club of Canada working TOGETHER with LES AMIS to call for a comprehensive EA of the TABARET PROJECT prior to committing to the transfer of the DAM.

    NEWS RELEASE Sierra club of Canada
    Les Amis de la Rivière Kipawa

    For immediate release:
    August 28, 2006


    OTTAWA– Federal environment minister Rona Ambrose should strike an independent panel review of the proposed federal transfer of ownership of a dam in northwest Quebec to the provincial government demands says the Sierra Club of Canada and Les Amis de la Riviere Kipawa.

    “The proposed transfer will allow Hydro-Quebec to completely divert—and thus destroy– a 16-km section of the Kipawa River for power productionâ€

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