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L6 to come out with near gear for Whitewater and Rec boating

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    Brad Sutton

    I was at the Level Six Global Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario yesterday when I saw there latest Whitewater gear to come out in 2008! All I can say is the owners, designers and staff at L6 are making the finest gear made possible. I saw a full one piece Dry-suit with booties as well all one piece, oh my god!!!! :o

    This is going to be awesome finally a complete one piece dry suit with booties!! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    I saw a throw bag and tow line totally and completely thought out to every stitch put into this product! <img loading=” title=”Cool” />

    And get this they are making there own carabineers too!! WOW!

    And of course many new awesome tripping and expedition wear that Brian from L6 has been working around the clock to bring unprecedented quality! L6 is absolutely going to decimate the competition next year. :wink:

    The outer wear I believe has also taken a quantum leap as well. I can’t give out all the details but keep your internet glued to updates and photos from the OR (Outdoor Retailer) Show being hosted very soon.

    I am very excited that L6 keeps stepping up there gear ever year with it’s core staff and designers, great work once again! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />
    Peace out,

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