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    Hello Everyone,

    With the recent events of team trials and the first ever World Cup, I thought I would let you know that you can check out the status of the Level Six Athletes on our blogspot. Simply go to and click on our blogspot link. We also have some stories on the world travels of some of our athletes.
    You can also keep an eye open for an updates coming soon on our website. We will be updating information on our athletes, as well as updates on new gear and clothing for next year. We are very excited about our new products for next year, and we hope you will be as stoked as we are!
    I am also already working on some of the details for next years Capital Cup in Ottawa. I am currently working on new ideas, and I am hoping to create something unique for next years event after gathering ideas from other events. I hope all of you will keep it in mind for next year.
    Stay warm, and happy paddling!
    Cheers from all of us at Level Six

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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