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    Hey everyone
    Next august Im getting married. My future wife and I both are avid kayakers. So naturally we want to have our honeymoon on the Ottawa river.
    I thought it might neet to rent a cabin or something but it has to be close to the river.
    Anyone have some tips on where to look?

    Jenny Right-Side

    Wilderness Tours has a cabin right next to the put-in, called Little Picky. It’s a small cabin with hottub etc for lovers – honeymoon style.

    Dale Curtis rents cabins on his property.
    Contact or 613-582 3553.

    Owl rafting has cabins also, but they are further downstream.

    peterborough crew

    We were there this summer at little picky no hot tub!


    the curtis cabins are definitely more appropriate for slumming with the boys (very rustic!!!) than a honeymoon, no matter how outdoorsy she is!

    Check with MKC – I have tried to rent a cabin there in the past just to kayak out of, but was told that they were only for rafting clients. You may want to raft for a day for a lark and to have access to their cabins and food which is likely fabulous if it is anything like at MKC.

    have fun!

    Jenny Right-Side

    For some reason I thought there was a hot tub there.

    Then I realized it was one of the other WT cabins that had one on their deck.

    So I asked Sharky, and it turns out you can rent a hottub from a place in Pembroke called Bert Block Pools for $250 a weekend.

    However, you never know… there MIGHT be a hottub at Little Picky by next summer when you decide to go on your honeymoon :wink:


    We have a guest house available for rental on the Ottawa. We are about 15 mins to the put in. Don’t forget the Petawawa (awesome river and a great change of scenery) is only about 45 mins away as well. Drop me a line and I can send you more info and some pics.


    Skyhill bed and breakfast is out near Nangor resort upstream of Rocher Fendu.
    It a pioneer log farm restored by a wonderful German family.
    They have at least one private cabin and the atmosphere and attention to detail by these folks is really special.
    They are on the deserted end of a beautiful bay (almost like a small lake)with a mile long sandy beach.
    This place is special.
    check them out at

    Nangor Resort is on the other end of that bay and is run by another wonderful family.
    They have rooms, cabins, a restaurant, boat rentals etc.
    This is much more (resort) but the new construction and attention to detail by Danny the new owner is adding to the atmosphere created by the original owner make this a great accomodation option for boaters.
    You can find them at

    John Mason

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