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    Well, it was an ealry morning long drive up, but well worth it today. Level was as posted down below, Big and Beefy. Meebis, Bobbie and I all met at the put in at 10:00 along with an Esprit raft group. It was a little cool, but no rain up there.

    Knoelfi was big, but the only major hazard was the big hole under the bridge. Besides that it was just good big fun navigating the big waves and holes and trying to stay upright.

    Poverty Bay: we all ran the river right chute. The hole at the bottom was big but manageable, it was just a lottery though as to how it spat you out (I somehow managed to get flipped over my bow, very confusing).

    Big fun waves in the rapid that goes around the corner.

    Seller: the hole was definitely in in all it monstrosity, just make sure you are going hard right at the bottom. two successful runs by Meebis and I (and Cboater, I actually stayed upright this time <img loading=” title=”Smile” />) and thanks to Jim and the Esprit group for the Chilie and Corn Buns <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    The rest of the day was just big wave trin fun with a great catch on the fly wave in the rapid after sellers and another stellar munchy/trashy/ fast/ bouncy wave in the rapid before the bridge rapid.

    All in all a fantastic day. Get out there before the levels drop.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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