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    😳 How was the water? You should consider adding another blade, your almost there now.

    Well there’s next year, you single bladers crack me up. It must be an attention thing…

    2forthemoney; gives you more bang for the roll.



    In response to your wonderment of why people solo blade actually it’s more fun, when your forced to work hard for something you appreciate it more.
    Of course 2 blades are much easier, and for some people that is really all they could do, what with limited skill and expertise there is little choice.
    So if you don’t have the time to perfect strokes or become proficient at it then definitely stick to the 2 blades.

    You really should try it sometime; expand your horizons a little.
    Besides I am sure you would find kneeling more comfortable, than sitting on your butt all day.
    I know you were only teasing your friend so please do not take my response as anything more than a joke, before I learned how to paddle solo I used to be a double blader to.

    Half the paddle twice the man!

    Kevin M

    Why do people always screw up that quotation?

    "Half the paddle twice the swims."

    That is how it really goes. I know it’s not true but that is the quotation.
    I mean really, who would beleive that single bladers only swim twice as much as real boaters?

    Single bladers are the most reliable source of river entertainment. The only problem is that on continuous class four rivers you have to miss a lot of surf waves while you chase their gear. But then again it’s good practice for us for when we are on class V rivers with kayakers only and someone swims.

    So really it is a fair trade. You supply entertainment and practice, we keep you safe while you paddle beyond your meager abilities.

    Let the games begin



    Where’s POBO when you need him? He’s a disgruntled cboater, he’d have some choice words to lay into this, providing us some good entertainment.

    Kevin M I *personally* cant argue with your post, it’s pretty much bang on, (and was f’ing funny)….

    So what happenned to TGG anyway??


    Its a good thing 8 man rafts won’t fit down the gorge or I expect we would see Kevin going down one next spring, since they are require slightly less skill than kayaking!

    Technically even rafting would be solo paddling and it would likely still be too much for him to handle seeing how his brain could not adapt to the complexity of only paddling on one side. It is after all a more complex maneuver than kayaking and a good comparison would be like jumping forward on one leg instead of walking ahead with both legs, something Kevin undoubtedly cannot perform either… at least not while chewing gum

    The other problem is he likely does not have enough strength on his right side with the exception of a very powerful wrist from his other activities he does perform solo!

    After saying all this I will likely end up being an involuntary victim in some kayaker safety training course next time I am on the river.


    The Great Gonzo

    2for the momey, the water was fine, thanks for asking. Now why on earth would I want to take 2 steps back and add another blade? It would be like mounting training wheels to my bike, just doesn’t make any sense…

    Sure, I swam twice two weeks ago. my first swim was at the bottom of one of the 2nd big drops on the Oxtongue, I hit the pillow after the 2nd hole angled right <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> , where angled left is much more preferable <img loading=” title=”Cool” /> , couldn’t turn my boat in time anymore and hit the 3rd hole sideways on my offside <img loading=” title=”Confused” /> , which led to a mild beating and me running out of energy due to multiple badly timed rolls. Not really a matter of how many blades, just bad use of the one… :cry:
    Now my 2nd swim on the Magnetawan during a BIG water run, I am leading Jeff Strano’s girlfriend Susanne down the river, both of us in solo open boats. She was worried about making the line in one of the rapids and I said no worries, just follow me, it’ll be a piece of cake… Halfway down the rapid I turned around to check whether she was on line and , guess what, I hit the reactionary guarding the eddy almost sideways, flipped, got caught on the eddyline and ultimately decided after a few failed roll attempts that swimming was a more attractive option than drowning…

    Oh Kevin, if you think open boats or C1 are not real boat, why don’t you give it a go some time. I will happily let you use any one of my boats sometime, let’s say at next years Kipawa Rally. All I am asking for is that ou wait with entering any of the rapids until I get my camera rolling… :lol:

    And as far as my total swim count this year is concerned, the last time I swam before that was once on the Upper Yough, where I was the sole single blade in a group of 6 boats, and while all of the yakers weaseled their way down the sneak on the left of National Falls, I decided to give the crowd what they asked for, went for the boof, missed it and took the beating in the hole. So maybe the double bladers just don’t have the heart to challenge the odds once in a while, that’s why they usually don’t swim, because if they do, they usually fall into a deep depression and need at least 2 month of psychotherapy to build their confidence back up to a point where they dare to run anything over class 2, while every single blader just gets back into his/her boat after a swim and just keeps givin’er… :razz:



    "Kevin M":1ks06q74 wrote:
    So really it is a fair trade. You supply entertainment and practice, we keep you safe while you paddle beyond your meager abilities.[/quote:1ks06q74]

    Don’t forget our other function… we carry the gear, lunch, etc… :lol:

    Kevin M

    Man with one chopstick will likely starve.

    Remember the Sienfeld schtick about chopsticks and forks?
    How could a chinese farmer be out in a field using a pitchfork and then eat lunch with chopsticks?

    So last time you swam before the this weekend and before the one a couple of weeks ago (hard to keep track) was the upper Yough where 5 out of 6 paddlers were kayakers and ran the line correctly.

    Ya know when they always talk about 4 out of 5 dentists?
    4 out of 5 dentists think the 5th dentist is an idiot.


    Hey guys, leave poor Gonzo alone. At least he was brave enough to try and fess up! Ask him how he got the name GREAT G ! :lol:


    I have said it before and I will say it again; Martin Breu is the James Bond of the Single Blading World.

    Here are the facts to back up my reasoning:

    1. Martin drive’s fast cars which are usually prototypes in disguise.

    2. He fly’s all over the world to drive these fast cars.

    3. He drinks vodka submarines like a champ(shaken not stirred)

    4. He has crazy stories about serving in the Military and gun-play

    5. Those river glasses he wears are actually X-ray gogles to see through the water and find all the best lines.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend messing with him. He is a gentleman, but he has far too many secrets and hidden skills that you don’t know about.

    Just a word to the wise…and not so wise.

    Jeff <img loading=” title=”Wink” />

    Ps: Martin’s swims were legitimate. I have never seen an open boater run the Hogs Trough on the Ox…and he did an excellent job of negotiating the Mag at huge levels with my hippie vegan girlfriend in tow.

    The Great Gonzo

    Well, has anyone else noticed that the brave soul that outed my swims has hastily created a new user account to hide his identity… :razz:

    Sorry Kevin, yes, I missed one swim, Coli in a prototype C1 with old thigh straps, they blew open when I hit a wave. Kinda hard to roll when you fall out of the boat. So about the chopsticks, what are you tryng to tell me there, are you using 2 paddles now? I guess Cody’s post struck a nerve, eh?
    No, most of the kayakers opted for the sneak instead of challenging themselves in the boof… afraid of the possibility of recieving a beat-down and having to swim… it would probably have shaken their confidence so much that they would have had to hike out from there… :razz:



    PS: A, I guess Winter is just around the corner, the board gets entertaining again…


    [quote:2pe4hrzg]Don’t forget our other function… we carry the gear, lunch, etc…

    Amen brother, pass the sandwiches :wink:

    Kevin M

    A swim always tends to shake us up. In that way we are far inferior to single blade/no bladers. I guess the old adage about practice making perfect is true. I have been very impressed with the abilities of single bladers on many occassions. I can’t count the number of times I have been in awe of a C1er’s ability to negotiate a rapid better outside of their boat than they can inside their boat. Perhaps since you are so fond of increasing the challenge you might look at only using one arm when you swim. At least that would even up your inside/oustide boating experience.
    I suppose if we were to voluntarily swim some class 1V stuff on a regular basis we would improve. Unfortunately it would be like crashing your car just to make sure it is safe. We would rather leave it to the crash test dummies to determine if crashing a car is safe. Perhaps that could be a new title for single bladers. Swim test Dummies or we could shorten it to STD’s
    Yeah that works. From now all single bladers can be referred to as STD’s.


    If you do single blades because it’s "more of a challenge", then why don’t you tie your hands together as well!!!
    Then it would be a REAL challenge!!!!
    MMMMMMM…..or maybe run rapids handcuffed-now THAT would be impressive!!!
    That argument is a slippery slope my singlebladed friends-be prepared to run the river in ridiculous ways if you’re argument is that it’s more of a "challenge", as I’m sure that us two bladers could find all sorts of harder "challenges" for you to do while running the river!!!!!
    Or you could wise up and realize just how much more you can do on a river with two blades!!!!
    Yakkers forever!!!!

    <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    p.s. Anyone interested in going on a canoe trip next year?

    The Great Gonzo

    Well, one of my paddling buddies who had to give up canoeing and start kayaking because of bad knees (therefore he KNOWS hwhat he’s talking about) once told me:


    Jahla, you say I could do so much more in a yak than in a canoe, could you please give me some examples … I am pretty sure there is, apart from running extremely gnarly creeks, NOTHING I can’t do in a C1 or OC1 that I could in a yak… :razz:

    And C1 just look so much cooler than yaks…


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