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MEC Whitewater Paddle Question

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    Specifically the MEC Pro Carbon Whitewater paddle made by AquaBound.

    I am curious if anyone has ever paddled with one of these and what they thought about it? I broke my paddle at Palmer fest this past weekend and am needing a replacement. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also, if not this paddle then what do you recommend (I cannot spend a redonkuclous amount of money)? and where to buy?



    Derek Mereweather

    I know Boatwerks sells carbon AB paddles…

    Give Jeff (1-866-KAYAKS-0) a call and find out how much he sells them for. If the Gull comes up, you can try it out immediately.

    Boatwerks in the past has had a paddling night on Mondays. Once the Gull comes back, it might be a good chance to try out different paddles prior to making your decision.



    If you can spend a little more cash, (like 75 to 100 bucks more) though not nearly as expensive as some other paddles, they are great, Canadian made and nearly indestructible and I hear this years models are lighter, not that I find mind heavy at all. I’m sure Boatwerks carries them.



    The issue I have with them is that they only come in 30 degree feather. Try out as many differerent lengths, feathers, and styles as possible before buying. Possibly rent a generic paddle for a day, show up to a playspot, and borrow as many as you can. I didn’t think that I’d like a bent shaft until I tried one and loved it!


    A friend of mine snapped a blade on his carbon AB paddle. Customer support was nice enough to replace it. I think they are a little more fragile than the more expensive paddles but they seem to be good value for money.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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