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    I camped at Minden last weekend and the place is looking a little run down. Unfortunatly, I seem to be paddling on the work weekends. Perhaps there could be a thread that sticks to the top of this board that is a To-Do list at Minden. I can see myself coming up for the weekend, bringing a few tools (CHAINSAW!) and some materials (if it fits in the car) and working on Sunday morning to knock an item off the To-Do list. With the picnic tables, firepits, pickic shelter, central house with hot water, power and flush toilets(!), a lot of time and money has been put into the place in the past. It seems a shame to let it all fall apart. Any other suggestions?

    One of the items is (or definitely will be) dealing with the two birch trees hanging down over the bottom center part of the river (left). Either co-ordinate with the dam guys to shut the water off for half an hour to cut them down and apart, or some people with ropes to cut them down, drag them to one side and then cut them up. This could be done pro-actively or just wait till they block the river and hope than it doesn’t happen just as someone is trying to run underneath. That could be a preventable death.


    I say leave the tree down over the Gull and let mother nature take it’s natural course. I was paddling on the gull this past weekend with a few fellow canoeists and I think that the fallen birch adds to the river as well as provides shade for fish and wildlife on that section of river.

    This middle section of river has always been naturally beautiful and devoid of play paddlers as there are no features worth attracting their short attention span. It has always been home to the true river runners who love the beauty and technicality of catching eddies on the fly.

    The last thing we need is someone spewing two-stroke motor oil into the river and making lots of noise. What happens when this tree is cut by an amateur and then it becomes a real in water hazard. Even worse, this tree could become lodged in the otterslide and cut the bottom of the river off to everyone running down into the lake.

    We have already seen enough meddling on the Gull by man this season, need I remind anyone of that cursed wall that sprang up this spring at the bottom on river left.



    But not much action.

    Jon if you think this is important enough to be organized and get done then I suggest you do it!

    If your really serious contact Whitewater Ontario and start getting this done.

    Private message me and I’ll provide you with enough contact info to keep you busy for a long time.

    Don’t wait for them to come to you! “They” (whomever “they” are) are volunteers with more than enough to do already.

    Volunteer means to help out motivated by your own desire to see a result.


    Good to have you back POBO…as misinformed and knee-jerk as always.:lol: That tree will eventually be in the river, creating a strainer across half the river. A group of us will probably remove it this week, as soon as my knee is 100%. Probably the same group of playboaters/riverrunners that have removed several other strainers from the river over the past few years. Sorry, I guess we should have left them for you to paddle around.

    Not to worry Jon, we won’t have to get the water shut off to do it, although we will probably spew a small tanker’s worth of oil into the river in the process. :wink: Some of us after all are playboaters and have even less smarts than we do morals :roll:


    It’s a 2 hour trip for me, but if you need help with the tree removal, let me know and I’ll see if I can get up there. Chainsaw, handsaw, rope, muscles.

    Peter Karwacki

    I’ll pass these comments on to the executive.

    The state of the preserve is always a concern to the executive of Whitewater Ontario.

    Unfortunately it is difficult to secure the volunteer help at times and money is always a problem.

    Recently there have been terrible examples of vandalism and thievory. The locals or whomever have taken it upon themselves to make our lives miserable.


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