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    Is anyone planning on coming?

    I’d like to know who, if anyone will be there.

    There are always things that need doing at the park, we can keep several people busy all day Saturday if folks show up.

    On the other hand if no one is going to be there I’d also like to know since it looks like there will be lots of choices for paddling this weekend.

    Please respond here or message me if you plan on coming out.



    Hi <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    I’m sorry I am not going to make this Sat or Sun for the work weekend. Actually, it’s always lots of fun and great to see everyone. Nothin’ like beer, pizza and a big bonfire on a Saturday nite.

    Is there any other thing I could do to help?

    Pete <img loading=” title=”Sad” />


    There’s a 90% chance I’ll be up in the area on Saturday. I also have to be in Haliburton, and then back to Toronto that night…

    I could help out from 12pm-ish to 3pm, or maybe 4pm if there’s no water… I’d like to get a run or two before I have to leave…

    Let me know if it’s still on, and I’ll try to get there as early as possible.

    (I can work hard for the 2-3 hours, with no goofing around…)



    I plan to be there both days with at least one of my teenage boys (strong like bull).

    Peter Karwacki

    If you are able to be at the Minden work weekend on Oct.21-22.06 please email Gary George at

    Those driving from Ottawa may be nominated for sainthood.

    Thank you,

    Peter Karwacki
    Whitewater Ontario

    Kevin M

    A couple of last minute yes’s and 1 90% maybe.
    Of the hundreds that boat Minden through the year that seems about right for volunteers.

    too bad he already made plans to paddle.

    I suggest that the people that paddle Minden regularly and want to help out should get in touch with Gary to get the keys and to do list like he asked. Then spend the weekend doing what Gary has done all year.
    But leave him out of it . Let’s give him a weekend off.


    This is a bit unrelated, but I e-mailed the volunteer coordinator for the GRCA about a month ago and didn’t even get a response at all. Pretty weak if you ask me.

    Kevin M

    Who is the volunteer co-ordinater for the GRCA anyway?


    I’ll be there at about noon on Sat.. Its also likely that I can help out on Sunday for a while as well. Seems Garyis not going to be there so I hope somebody knows what’s suppose to be done. I know Gary is leaving the shed and main building open. Is there a list of jobs to do somewhere? see whoever on Sat. Russ.


    …and expect to be back around supper time.

    No promises just now but I’ll try and arrange supper for whomever shows up

    "Kevin M":3wd0vwfj wrote:
    Who is the volunteer co-ordinater for the GRCA anyway?[/quote:3wd0vwfj]


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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