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    So, I know that there’s lotsa info in other threads, but I’ve got a somewhat specific question.

    I am more on the beginner side of intermediate, with a fairly consistent roll (occasionally miss one or two, but almost always come up eventually). And I am wondering whether Big Joe is out of my league.

    It seems like habitat is barely running at this time of year? Does it come back up as fall sets in?

    I am moving to montreal tomorrow, and I am itching to paddle!



    Big Joe might not be out of your league, but what you need to remember is that it’s out there in the middle of the St Lawrence!!! So If you do swim……. :shock:

    Habitat might come back if we get some good rain.


    What’s the water like below the wave? Is it pretty calm, or are there more features, right beneath it?

    I guess what I’m asking is: how tough is a roll out there?

    Also, is the paddle down to it very difficult?



    If you never been there, Big Joe is more scary when you look at it than when you are on it. There is a lot of volume and a large wave train behind, nothing dangerous, but you do need a good roll. A swim will take a few hours out of your day.

    I suggest that you start by the wave called “Ginette” which is a high steep glassy wave about 50 feet on the left of Big Joe. Lots of fun too and easier to roll if you fall.

    Have fun and if you don’t know the way, follow a local for your first time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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