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    Hey fellow boater boarders,
    Jamie from the Manitoba Whitewater Club here.
    THought I’d drop y’all a line to remind you of our upcoming sixth annual Shindigggg on the weekend of June 22-24th.
    Water levels have risen significantly in the last two weeks, and continue to rise. The Winnipeg River is flowing at 35000 CFS and rising!!!
    Whitemud and Sturgeon are both in, and we have a new creek run (currently IV+/V and in flood) for those lookin to do some hair boating!!!
    We’d love to see some of your crew make their way up to add some Eastern boater flavour to the party!!!! (we may get stuck with just Nieuwenhuis, and do you really want him to be your rep????!:shock: ).
    Andy is driving up from there, and if you ask nicely he may have room!!!
    Full info is available here: … tion=12:12

    Hopefully we’ll see some of you folks on the 22nd!!!




    careful with andy though… he pee’s in his boat, who knows what he’d do in his car..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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