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My helmet doesn’t fit: seeking recommendations

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    I have a skinny (side to side) but deep (front to back) head and am having trouble finding a helmet that fits me well. I currently wear a Predator that I have modified, but I am looking for something new and more comfortable. Any recommendations?




    I have the same problem with the “one size fits all” helmets. My cascade hemlet (size large) fits me well though. Its not very stylish but it was relatively cheap.


    I have the exact same problem as you. I just picked up a sweet strutter (xl) and with the fireball fit pads in on the sides I didn’t even notice I was wearing it this weekend. Great helmet, light, perfect fit. Boatwerks sells them too.

    Preditor Lee (amazingly similar to the sweet, and much cheaper) was designed the same way. Predator emailed me and advised if the helmet didn’t fit my odd shape head they’d refund my $ less the shipping ($10usd to find out if it would fit seems reasonable if your not near a retailer). Only problem was they’re sold out of the silver until december. Stop by boatwerks store, they posted they have the lees in stock (just not silver, I checked)

    Check out the following link for a Strutter: … oduct=5054
    they listed free shipping for us americans, they may ship to canada, and with the dollar in the toilet it works out to be a lot cheaper (this weekend 295cdn=265usd) :lol:

    Slim green strutter for me!

    Jenny Right-Side

    I had the same problem, all the helmets I tried were really tight on my temple and roomy on the sides.
    I tried the Sweet helmet and wasn’t able to get it right (as the helmet itself was too short front to back).
    The FNA XS is what I use now, it comes with mini-cell to outfit it perfectly and it’s comfortable. It’s actually the first helmet that I have found that fits me well.
    Hope this helps,


    I have a similar head to you, Sheamus, long and skinny, and have had similar problems with kayaking and ski helmets. I just received my Predator Lee today and after a little adjusting with the pads it fits great!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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