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Name and Address of Campground for Kipawa Fest?

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    Jenny Right-Side

    Planning early, and I will likely be on call while there, so I need to inform work of my exact location.
    Any help would be appreciated!


    From Pembroke:
    Hwy 17 west to Mattawa
    Turn right to Juntion hwy #63 then right to Temiskaming this shortcut saves driving to North Bay.

    Once you cross the bridges follow Hwy #101 north for 40 min.
    You will come to the small town of Laniel, this is the put in site.
    Camping is available just across the bridge or follow the road North for +- 7km and turn left on the Grande Chutes Road 7km, this will bring you to the take out and Scott Sorenson’s.

    PS There is one gas station/depannuer(store) in Laniel, stop in and talk to the owners, they own the camping site and will know what is going on.

    We normally head up Thursday and then paddle Fri, Sat & Sun

    Or try

    Jenny Right-Side

    Thanks, but does the campsite have a name and an address?
    I have to leave contact information with my work so they know where I am and can get a hold of me quickly.
    I’m super excited for the festival, and on my birthday too!

    Joe P

    try this. not sure if it’s right but it might be a close place


    1991 rte 101, Rivière-Kipawa, Québec, Canada, J0Z 2K0
    Telephone: 819 634-2666
    Fax: 819 634-2776

    Peter Karwacki

    This is the camping ground with proprietors Yves Bureau and helene Clouatre

    also email them

    Kipawa Pete


    Jen, if your looking for the place to stay for the rally, I’ve been told to stay at the Kipawa River Lodge. You can also camp at the gas station in Laniel (check with the owners first). There is also Chatel Diane in Laniel. They rent cottages and may have room for tenting. I don’t have any info for The Kipawa River Lodge, however, here’s the info for Chalet Diane;

    Ralph Pearson & Lois Hall
    1948, route 101
    Laniel Quebec
    J0Z 2K0

    Peter Karwacki May know the info for The Kipawa River Lodge…. Peter??

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck, Ryan.

    Jenny Right-Side

    Thanks everyone! Hope to see you there!

    Peter Karwacki

    The lodge is owned by Scott and Pat Sorensen from Orem, Utah.

    They have managed it for almost 30 years.

    contacting them is difficult because of the location: but scott does operate a cell phone and turns it on at very specific times.

    The number in Utah where you might get the number is


    Otherwise, for a real snail mail result, write:

    Kipawa River Lodge
    Fabre, Quebec

    Its a small town… Scott picks up mail and groceries there.


    Peter Karwacki

    Les amis de la riviere Kipawa understands that there is a lot of interest in how the next rally is shaping up.

    To keep fully up to date Les Amis will be updating their website regularly.

    [u:3km6hljd][b:3km6hljd]Official[/b:3km6hljd] [/u:3km6hljd]rally information will be available on the Les Amis Website:


    Any other source of information will likely amount to conjecture, rumour, or obfuscation.


    Peter, the website doesn’t say who the band is this year? There is a band this year, isn’t there?

    Peter Karwacki

    last year we had a great band: it was our 20th festival.

    This year, due to the extreme drain on our resources because of the legal challenge to PWGSC’s EA we are constrained. You know, it takes a whole lot of money and effort to take the Government of Canada to court.

    Funny thing is, with the EA process set up the way it is, the concerned public has no other recourse left to it, for which there is no charitable status, no court challenges funding, no special mediation _ our conservative, liberal government at work, compliments of Gilles Brasseur, Kim Turnball, Yves Morin, Robert Laporte and all those good people at the "greening of the environment" offices of PWGSC.

    I’m hoping music will play.

    For more information tune into the website:


    "Peter Karwacki":2o6qycao wrote:
    I’m hoping music will play.

    Vacuity used to go up to the Kipawa during the festival every year. I’m not sure whether or not they’d be able to get up there this year, but if you’d like, I can ask them.

    They played the concert in Toronto, and are very supportive of the Kipawa cause. They’re also an excellent band.

    Peter Karwacki

    I’d like to say yes. I’m still waiting for official decisions to be made.
    Stand by.

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