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New Forecast! First REAL cold weather, high-water Parkhill?

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    Hey y’all!

    Word on the street is that the water table is full, the Shand Dam is at its maximum seasonal level, and now they’re calling for 15-25mm of rain from tonight through Friday for everywhere from Grand Valley down to Brantford!

    PLUS! They’re calling for a high of zero on the weekend!

    All of that = awesome fun.

    So go find your pogies (Yuro, fix your stupid dry top!), and keep your fingers crossed for another great weekend!

    I was bummed there was no water, but now I’m psyched to paddle all weekend!



    Kyle of Hamilton

    LEt me know if and when it’s a GO for ParkHill then maybe I can drive, or else Someone can drive me. email me.



    Was raining late last night and woke up to it pouring here in KW. So lets hope it continues until Friday.


    "Bobbie":11xy5te1 wrote:
    Yuro, fix your stupid dry top![/quote:11xy5te1]

    i totally forgot about that… i guess i have to call MEC right now to see how fast they can fix it…. Why PSR is not in downtown Toronto??!??!?!?!


    It’s not downtown, but it IS conveniently located about 20k away from parkhill! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    If it goes up, I can paddle all day tomorrow, have to be back in STC for 4-5.

    Mike K

    hey bobby, and yuri, i might be convince to do parkhill some time this weekend

    p.s. yuri if u cant get your drytop fixed i have an extra one u can use for the day



    [b:3b3v2utp]Ok… Here’s the shakedown:[/b:3b3v2utp]

    It rained last night, and they’re still calling for another 15-25mm.

    This might work out exactly the same as last time….. Irvine runs Friday, gone Saturday, Gorge runs Saturday, gone Sunday, and Parkhill peaks Saturday/Sunday. I hope the whole enchilada gets bumped back a day (Irvine Saturday!).

    If you’re a lucky person who can paddle during the day tomorrow, keep an eye on the Irvine….. I’ve got crappy auditors to deal with <img loading=” title=”Confused” />

    [b:3b3v2utp]Mike, Yuro, Deems, Harris,[/b:3b3v2utp]

    [b:3b3v2utp]My plan #1:[/b:3b3v2utp] Possible Friday night at Parkhill… Hit the Irvine/Gorge early Saturday morning, then maybe Parkhill in the afternoon. I’ve got all day Sunday for whatever’s still going.

    [b:3b3v2utp]My plan #2:[/b:3b3v2utp] Current NOAA forecast is for 12-14 footers at Crystal Beach and Sherkston on Saturday morning (peaks from 6am to 1pm). I’d totally do a lake surf morning, followed up with a Parkhill or maybe weir afternoon.

    Whoop whoop! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    (Boydo, Mano, where are you guys?)


    I am silently observing :lol:

    I am in for local action this weekend, everything on the Grand has just started to skyrocket.

    Tomorrow evening may be a possibility for Parkhill.. I think my boat may come to work with me.

    Sat/ Sun daytimes are wiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for paddling.

    Cystal beach? not this time for me… going to be too cold for that eternal beating.


    Mike K

    i think i can only do sat this time but i am up for anything that day,
    if things change i will post again


    I’m in for both of these times if you guys go…even if you don’t…a few other locals watching the levels and planing to paddle both times…


    I can’t paddle on Saturday, but Friday and Sunday I’m game. who wants to paddle tomorrow??? (my car is fixed now I can finally drive long distances <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />)

    "Boydo":mupnvpcm wrote:
    Cystal beach? not this time for me… going to be too cold for that eternal beating.[/quote:mupnvpcm]

    True dat….. However, if the big rain don’t happen, I’ll still consider it….. At Crystal Beach it’s not too bad with the running out along the pier deal, but the waves might not be coming in at a good angle for Crystal Beach…..

    "deemo":mupnvpcm wrote:
    who wants to paddle tomorrow???[/quote:mupnvpcm]

    I’m 50/50 for Parkhill at 8pm, and only if it’s well above 120…..

    "Bobbie":jch3dltj wrote:
    I’m 50/50 for Parkhill at 8pm, and only if it’s well above 120…..[/quote:jch3dltj]

    can you paddle before 8??

    "deemo":3avi6lre wrote:
    can you paddle before 8??[/quote:3avi6lre]

    Sorry dude….. Work is crazy right now…. Even if I stay here until 3am tonight, I’ll still be lucky if I can leave by 6pm tomorrow……

    I’m 50/50 for 8pm, otherwise just Saturday and Sunday (and I’ll be working both Sat and Sun night from 5 or 6pm to midnight too :cry: )…..

    On a lighter note: Shand inflow is about to top 50cms, and they’re still calling for another 15-25mm rain!!!!! :shock:

    If this rain is for real, then we could see a 120+ cms Gorge, and Parkhill might get washed out! Mill Waves on Sunday anybody?!? :lol:

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