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New River Running Playboat…. Opinions ?

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    K Dixon

    Looking to replace a Dagger Super Ego. I like the boat but length is starting to interfere with fun level. Still need something to be comfortable in and with enough length and speed to run rivers and smaller creeks ( Beaver, Black etc.) while playing of course.
    I was thinking about a Dagger Rx or Pyranha Seven O. Anyone able to compare these to a super Ego? (suggestions ?) I’ve Tried a Crazy 88 and EZG, fun at the Gull but I think I need more hull speed including flatwater speed for most rivers including running the Ottawa.



    If u want more spped, with confort – id strongly suggest the RX. Im 6’2″, 32″ inseam, 170 lbs, size 12 feet, and found it quite comfortable, with great play characteristics and good speed for its legnth.

    Controlling the boat in sizeable water was nice, and throwing it down was pretty easy at my weight (demoed the 6.9 at the gull and on a couple runs on the ottawa (my friend wanted it back!).

    Personally i went with the Liquid Logic Cross River 125. – A very similar boat, but chose it over the RX cause it had better outfitting , and it fit me more snuggly. The CR had a bit less Hull speed, but i was able to throw it down more easily, so i ended up buying it and i dont regret it at all. Both are good boats, but if its hull speed you want then the RX is a bit better. Cant say much bout the Pyrannah, but from what I heard it is take it or leave it kind of boat.

    I suggest u demo these boats, as I did to get a better picture of what im talking bout – although different boats will preform differently for different people. Sorry cant compare it to your crossfire, hope this helps!


    Have you considered the Stinger? Good river runner, and still AWESOME playboat.



    Here’s my take on the CR 125 and the RX. I’m 5″10, 170, size 12s

    Both are good river runners. The RX gets my nod here. It carries speed across eddy lines and generally has a “smoother” feel than the CR. The CR does plane up quickly, making it a great boat on a ferry, but tends to die across an eddy line.

    Surfing: definitly the CR for me!! The RX is smooth, and easy to get on a wave, but doesn’t spin worth beans compared to the CR. The CR is super fun on a wave, as long as you sit up and paddle it off the front. I found it sluggish when I sat back too much and tried to just carve off the tail. The CR spins and blunts almost as well as a dedicated playboat.

    Vertical: RX for me. I found it much smoother and easier on eddylines (sternsquirting and some cartwheeling). I can barely get the CR vertical, but I am a moron when it comes to flatwater.

    Stability: both are very stable boats with a very forgiving feel. The RX is easier to roll than the CR.

    Comfort: both are super comfy for me, with tons of knee room to keep my feet off the end of the boat.

    Construction: Nobody makes a boat like LL. Everything – the outfitting, hull stiffness, plastic – is better on a LL boat than any other company on the water.

    Good luck. Demo them both at Minden if you can get up there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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