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    tyler Fox

    Why is it so Freakin COLD !!
    Just got back from Chile and it was anything but,
    I think it was 25 degrees plus the day I left.
    And tonight its going to minus 25 degrees
    Thats a 50 degree difference !!!!
    I am not the harty cold loving Canadian I once was
    so instead I’ve spent the last few days since i’ve been home
    adding to the Botttoms Up Kayaking website!!

    We went through some rigorous try-outs and hazing periods (actually he took care of that one himself) and are pleased to add the newest member to the Team:

    You all know him…
    You all Love him…

    What you think I am going to ruin the surprise here?
    Check it out

    I’ve also dug through the Archives and pulled out the best Carnage I could find
    Why Not? … Falls.html

    Along with some touch ups here and there I hope you enjoy the Site:

    And you can be sure as shit that if it stays this cold for much longer, there will be alot more updates coming.

    Bottoms Up,

    Tyler Fox

    Jen J

    Hey Tyler, Welcome back to… (shudder)… the Canadian winter!!!
    Ah well, only a few more months ’til we’re back on the water where we belong.
    Hey- Good work on the site, can’t wait to see more… from Chile especially!
    Give me a shout the next time you’re in Ottawa, and we can catch up.
    Later buddy!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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