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    Luke Nieuwenhuis

    Hello. I was wandering if anyone could give me some information on what city would be best for travelling to boat in new zealand if one was working there for a few months

    Auckland (north island)

    Wellington (north island)

    Christchurch (south island)

    or is there any other cities or little towns in rural areas that have Alot of access to relatively close boating ?? I’d really apreciate any information that anyone could help me with so i could focus on where to Line up a job.
    Thanks alot barabra Streisands



    You’d be a long way from boating in either Aukland or Wellington. There are a few good runs on the north island, but the boating is best on the south island. Christchurch is an awesome city, but still a bit of a drive to the good rivers, (2-3 hours). The centre of whitewater in New Zealand is Murchison. All the whitewater seems to converge there-everything from class 3 play to class 5 heli-boating. If you’re looking to work in anything other than forestry or the whitewater industry, you may have a bit of trouble. Murchison is small. Nelson would be the closest big city I guess. It’s a sweet spot too.

    Hope this helps.


    Luke Nieuwenhuis

    Thanks man! I apreciate the info. South island sounds like the way to go.


    Hey luke drop me an email for more details but Hokitika on the South Island is where its at for boating. I’m probably going to be there in January and we should hook up. As far as work doing the orchard or vineyard thing is pretty easy and you can make some decent coin as well. Get a working holiday visa before you go. Murchison has lots of boating and a kayak school but there isn’t alot of harder stuff around. Christchurch has a few fun runs but not a whole lot either. Working at the Bliss Stick factory on the north island is also an option (right near the rangateki) but otherwise in the middle of nowhere.

    Email me for more info and kick your brother in the testicles for me.


    "DanC":2t4h5eku wrote:
    kick your brother in the testicles for me.


    Thats if you can get Dave away from the cows :shock:

    Its pretty funny sitting by the fire in Jenny’s backyard late at night and you hear a cow let out this bizarre sound. I just think it is Dave getting intimate with the livestock :lol:


    weirdest guy around right there ^ just postin for the sake of nothing.

    Mike K

    hey luke, not sure if u remember who i am but i worked as a video boater for wt for a few summers

    i live in christchurch for teachers college and we have a crew of lads who head over to the west coast quite often to do some sweet runs mostly around hokitika

    i will be here till april 2008 so drop me a line when u are down here and we can hook up to go boating.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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