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    Who was the Darwin award nominee at the Bus Eater on Sunday, with no helmet or life jacket? It’s one thing to shirk responsibility for one’s own safety, that’s your business, but what kind of example are you setting for the huge crowd of raft clients watching on shore?
    This is not representative of our sport and I sincerely hope they realized that. Please think about the next person, unskilled in whitewater, who thinks it is ok to repeat your example…whether in kayak, or inner tube, whatever.

    "Joon":nunzhvju wrote:
    Who was the Darwin award nominee at the Bus Eater on Sunday, with no helmet or life jacket? [/quote:nunzhvju]

    Obviously the person was an idiot :!:

    zack splaine

    if it was who i think it is there not an idiot and he and a bunch of others (young guns) and (bc boyz) do it all the time all over the world, i think it was pat camblin,, and mabe its just me but for his skill i dont find it stupid,, if you hae seen the movie dynasty they do it all over the place, and if they no the spot is safe and deep there goin to do it

    Kevin M

    But I see no reason forcing everyone to wear one.
    If they have nothing to protect then why force them to wear one?

    Some people can’t get much dumber so let them go without a helmet.

    Good Times lads, Good Times.



    I’m not taking sides here….but lets point out a few things….

    Pat has, without question, a 100% bombproof roll….he is not going to hit anything at bussy and will roll every single time. There were other boaters there to help if things got bad….He did wear his helmet for most of the rides though….

    This is not an excuse for him not to wear stuff….but there was no issue of injury in this case….

    As for setting an example for others…for sure…wearing the equipment is what should be done.

    Don’t judge the guy though….pass on your comments, but no need to bash the guy.


    let’s say person with a bombproof roll sprains something / dislocates a shoulder while doing a move… whatever

    not so bombproof now is it?


    I’d say everyone has a right to wear as much safety equipment as they feel necessary. Everyone should be responsible for their OWN safety. If you decide to follow in his footsteps and get injured, thats your own problem, you obviously saw the vast majority of people wearing lifejackets and helmets anyway.


    Does everyone here wear their lifejackets and helmets when practicing their roll or goofing around on a lake? How about in the pool? I bet the majority of us are more susceptible to injury not wearing a helmet in the pool than the pros are not wearing stuff on bussy.

    "Derek":2qs6nl4n wrote:
    Does everyone here wear their lifejackets and helmets when practicing their roll or goofing around on a lake? How about in the pool? I bet the majority of us are more susceptible to injury not wearing a helmet in the pool than the pros are not wearing stuff on bussy.[/quote:2qs6nl4n]

    It comes down to the basic principle of do not put your paddle buddies in a situation where they have to do a rescue (pinned boat, etc) let alone a body recovery.

    I don’t give a crap if they are a pro or not … it doesn’t take much for shit to happen and all of a sudden you have a unconscious floater in the river and a whole bunch of people scarmbling and putting their life at risk trying to save them.

    My original comment stands … they are still an idiot :!:

    Oh and you might want to read what you are supposed to have with you in your boat at

    An considering the individual might be a sponsored pro what do you think their sponsors would say about them not practicing basic safety and the bad image they are projecting.


    Pro are no less prone to injury than the rest of us (provided you have a reasonable level of fitness). Its silly to assume otherwise. Their bones break the same are ours, their skirts implode the same as ours, their paddles break, their shoulders dislocate, they get concussions, broken noses and teeth, all the same way everyone else does.

    Nobody – pro or otherwise – would be able to swim against the pull of the water at MiniBus. If it decides to pull you down, it will. The odds of you being held under are yours to debate.

    Some people are Ok with those odds and others arent. A lifejacket will help increase the odds you’ll rise to the surface.


    this thread has proven:
    1. we all know the rule
    2. occasionally someone decides to re-invent personal safety guidlines based on skill

    skill ain’t the issue…..perhaps this convo should have happened on the water amongst ourselves and not in cyber space? Think about the big picture in the community and the ongoing battle to keep waterways open to us.

    two cents


    I don’t care who you are or how good you THINK you are. I like the comment earlier about Eric Jackson. He’s obviously the best freestyle paddler in the WORLD, and he chooses to protect his melon. It’s just common sense.
    In the water ANYTHING can happen and I personally can’t think of anything worse than floating away in your boat unconscious and dying; except of course how bad I would feel if one of those "young guns" were to be the ones floating away and I couldn’t bring them to shore within the three minutes that the brain allows us to live without oxygen. (That’s not very long). I would feel even worse if I didn’t speak my mind and try to stop that person from hitting the wave.

    Now immagine your mother sitting on the island watching you. Now immagine how she’s feeling as you’re floating upside down DEAD in your boat. Hows that for warm and fuzzies…
    I know mine would be the first to teach me a lesson by striking me on the head with a blunt object while making a smart remark. (SEE? IF YOU HAD YOUR HELMET THAT WOULDN’T HURT SO MUCH NOW WOULD IT.)

    WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This reminds me of a thread a few years back, where some yahoos at the Gull showed up with an aluminum canoe, a case of beer, jeans and a Tshirt. They put in below the falls and promptly decided to swim the rapids (Kevin M will argue that they’re canoeists, that’s to be expected)…. Point is noone’s arguing that these guys weren’t boneheads, and they got what came to them. Great candidates for the Darwin Awards!

    Any PRO/Sponsored/intermediate/beginner boater would have known that the Gull is not a place to do that, or if you do, you have a good chance of suffering consequences.

    Suddenly, we have a bunch of hot$h!t boat3RZ that are ‘world class’ – paddling on a feature without simple saftey equipment, because they’ve paddled it multiple times, have a bomb-proof roll, and are not afraid of nothing. Good for them. In fact they probably have less of a chance of drowning on that feature than I might on a CIII… however the mere fact that people ‘defend’ their decision shows that they have influence. It shows that some 16 year old kid will someday think when he can paddle as good as them, that he could do the same thing… (and hell, most 16 year old paddlers probably will feel close to that level pretty quick)..

    Like phitty said, if you wanna play the odds, go right ahead, you might make the darwin awards. Just remember that you might have a following that thinks youguys represent the cutting edge of boating…and may follow in your footsteps pretty quick…



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