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    I found this other day in the closet and rip’d it before it was completely destroyed, circa maybe 1988, pretty funny, some nice rides in Phils. … 9968277305

    oh ya hit original size or double in google, full screen looks bad, the vcr tape wasnt in very good shape.

    Jenny Right-Side

    Loved the paddle twirls!
    Definately hang on to that video for the Ottawa River Kayaking Museum lol
    By the way, I am now officially NEVER intentionally going in to surf Phil’s Hole <img loading=” title=”Wink” />





    No doubt!….that was slick man.

    My second favorite thing about that clip was the groovy tracks they were layin down……god bless cowbells, man…



    thanks:) glad I was able to finally digitize it, the tape was cracked, missing chunks and lost in a closet gathering dust for like over 15 years, thats jeff snyder in the squirt throwing cartwheels down before they even existed, the one handed paddler was on the US whitewater team think his name was rich? Im in the red dancer for like .1 sec, several other from the k1 and c1 team might be in there or on the original, and I threw in the music seemed to suit the time period:)


    Sweet old school video! :smile:

    The sound track reminds me of the over saxed 80s pop scene.

    Kevin M

    Dancers, Mirages, Squirt boats. Paddles brought to you by Nimbus, Kober and really pretty silver creek wooden blades.

    When boats were fast enough to do the double hairy ferry.

    When a cartwheel was something you could see from a mile away and usually involve the ends of the boat hitting the bottom of the river.

    Thanks for the video. I think your music was about 10 years older than the clip. My wife thought I was watching porn.


    I say we should do a retro day on the Ottawa! A couple of years ago I borrowed a Dagger Vortex – one of the largest boats ever made – at Pushbutton. If you never got the chance to do pirouettes in a 10’+ boat, you haven’t lived. Forget aerial moves….nothing like being 5′ above the water about to land on your face and nearly drowning because you hit the water laughing so loud :lol:

    It could be the antithesis of the Jimi-cup. Only boats over 9′, Extrasport PFDs, 90 degree offset paddles. Maybe JohnO would bring his topd-duo for real ender fun.


    I still have that old dancer in the clip in my backyard, I think Ill try it out at lachines this summer, and Old Scool day would be sweet.


    I vaguely remember reading about an “oldschool” paddle event this year in Paddler, or Canoe & Kayak, or Kayak, etc…

    The ad stated a 10′ minimum for boats.


    Now that brings back memories. The most memorable rides were the unintentional ones, 8:30 Sunday morning after too many beers Saturday night…oops slipped off the back of the surfing wave, hello Phil.

    It seems Phil’s Hole was a little forgiving the day of the video. I can remember counting cartwheels just to pass the time, waiting to blow out the back, hoping I don’t have to pull the pin.

    I have a short boat but I still paddle my Crossfire at 11’3″.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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