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    Well, we have 3 of us in to run the Mag tomorrow, so I figured it would be fun to see if we could get a decent group. I know this is short notice, the the Mag is a pretty spectacular big water run (especially at this level).

    Who: Right now it is myself, my partner in crime Meebis, and Bobbie.

    Where: Magnetewan River, Knoefi Falls (Ahmic Lake) to Maple Island.

    When: 10:00 am Saturday morning at the put in (directions below) (warning I am known for being 30 min late, so give me that buffer time)

    What: For the most part big pushy meaty class III’s, with a few consequential IV’s thrown in

    Can you handle the Mag? As far as the bulk of the rapids, they are all big volume rapids with not much consequence. for the rapids you need to look out for there is:
    i) Knoefi Falls: Big volume on the main line, waves holes etc. but a creeky sneak on the left
    ii) Poverty Bay chutes: not a big drop, but defintiely a bit of a hole on the main line, your discretion once you have looked at it
    iii) Sellars: by far the most intimidating on the rivers due to the massive hole at the bottom, mostly a Class III/IV line with class “beat down” consequences, again, use your own discretion after scouting.

    Directions to Knoelfi Falls:
    Highway 11 north to Burk’s Falls (about 30 min past Huntsville).
    Get on County Road 520 West (careful, there are a few turns to make)
    Stay on 520 until it intersects with Highway 124
    Left on 124
    About 6-8 KM on 124 you will see Knoelfi Falls (Dam on left)
    Park here.

    From the other side just get on 124 east just north of Parry Sound and look for Knoelfi Falls.

    If you plan on coming give me a call on my cell (905)741-2562 so we don’t leave without you and I know who to expect.




    Scotty The MAN

    Can you run this in a playboat or is a creeker needed?


    Paddle it in whatever you are comfortable running big water in. Personally, I am comfortable running it all in my Flip Stick. there is some nice play waves along the way though.



    I have your med Mountain Surf Skirt in stock now <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    Drop by or give me a call and I can ship it out to you!


    Cheers, Jeff


    Sweet, I’ll give you a call tommorrow.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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