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Ottawa playspots at -3??

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    the latest report on the Wilderness site is the Ottawa level is -3, as of Monday….

    What sorts of play-sports are around at this level?

    Garb (I didn’t think it was…but not sure)

    any recommendations would be great!


    I heard Garb comes back in around -3, but it’s smaller. I’ve never actually been on the river at that low a level to confirm this personally. Push button isn’t that great at and below -2.5 if I remember correctly from last year.


    Just got back from a couple of days at the Ottawa at about -3. Although it was my first time there (so I have nothing to compare to) Baby face was relativly easy to get on but a pretty rough ride. Pushbutton was pretty fun and Garb was in, though I stayed the hell away from it except when I plowed through it because the guys I was with didn’t think I needed to walk it. It did look fun to surf though. Intimidating but fun. Also There is a little hole at the bottom of Farmer Blacks that looked like fun too. Hope this helps. Oh and even at that level I think my face looked like like this <img loading=” title=”Confused” /> before each rapid and like this :shock: during each rapid and like this :roll: after each rapid! Peace.



    Pushbutton is superb.
    Babyface is not.
    Garb does come back but is flushy.
    Not sure about Corner Wave.
    Not sure about Black’s but Ive heard it is good.



    As stated above, the left side of farmer Blacks becomes a pretty superb little hole, good for cartwheeling and loops, and variations thereof.

    I also really like Leftside Horseshoe at that level.

    Adn the normal spots, babyface, pushbutton, and garb will be okay but not at there best.

    Jenny Right-Side

    Left Side Horseshoe
    Corner Wave
    Left Side Blacks

    it’s actually a pretty good level if you’re not obsessed with big waves :wink:


    I’ve posted a video pf left side horseshoe from last year at -3 at:

    [i:321gex4a]Edit:[/i:321gex4a] Oops, I mean left side at Black’s

    Scotty The MAN

    OK, people are talking about left-side horseshoe at -3.

    I have a question that seems appropriate.

    Last year, I heard a story that went something like this. “A guy was surfing horseshoe and (insert well-known paddler’s name here; I’ll leave it out) told him to stay away, that Babyface rock lurked close below the surface at that level, and that it was a very dangerous surf.”

    I heard the story all second hand, that kind of ‘a friend of a friend said this’ type of deal, so I’m not sure what the real deal is.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    ie Where is Babyface rock? Is it a real hazard? At what water levels, and on which specific feature is it a danger?

    Thanks for any help

    Jenny Right-Side

    I’m not sure about this rock, but I have surfed left-side at various levels and never hit bottom.

    Babyface is super-shallow at that level, so I would imagine the danger would be if you flush out of left-side and don’t roll up right away, you might hit your noggin on the rock (which would be downstream of left-side, where babyface is).


    Who cares what the playspots are like at -3, it was -1.5 on Saturday and Sunday, and I was there!


    (Oh man, were the lineups ever short!)


    oh… man… <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    why i always miss good levels…

    i mean finding a place to live and getting it ready for a move in next weekend is important, but still… if i would know that the ottawa would be at -1.5 i would postpone everything by another week… :lol:

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