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    Hey Ottawa regulars…

    I’ve got one free day to visit your great river and have never been before.

    You’d probably like to not have one more person cluttering up the eddies, but I’ll only be there one weekday, so maybe you’d help me make the best of it???

    I’m a III ish boater, solid roll, not much of a playboater (a front surf, flat spin kind of level).

    I’ve got Thursday off from a business trip and would like anyone’s recommendation for a good P&P spot that I could visit alone (safe eddy), or a likely spot to hook up with a group for a run.

    I’m assuming I can rent a boat and a paddle (brought the rest) for a day from one of the schools.

    Feel free to give me any other advice you can spare,




    really, I’ll only be there one day.

    do you really want me gaping around at the big boy spots?

    Kevin M

    Best spot is really level dependent.

    Best bet is to drive to the put in and ask there.

    Lots of friendly boaters on the river will be happy to help out. If you are unlucky and the first people you ask are knobs then move to the next group. lightning won’t strike twice.

    You may even want to run the whole thing and get the full Ottawa experience.

    If you paddle all the way down to the River Run take out you will easily find a shuttle up to the top.

    Jenny Right-Side

    depending on the level I would offer two suggestions:
    1. From the put-in paddle to McCoys, walk the island around McCoys if you don’t want to paddle it alone, and parknplay at BabyFace. Easy eddy, fun wave, a little hard to catch. Walk the island back up and paddle to the parking lot.
    2. Drive to the Lorne lunch spot/put in. Carry your boat to the shoreline by either of the RiverRun or WT lunch sites, and paddle across to Pushbutton.
    Fun easy hole with HUGE eddy service and paddle back to the car.

    These spots are dependent on the river levels, but at the current levels they would be my two suggestions.
    Hope this helps!


    thanks for the suggestions.

    I’m on my way there, so the level tomorrow is the level !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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