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    This summer has been a very hard summer to get through. I broke my knuckle in May, 2 days before my first trip of paddling. The doc said I broke it in the worst way possible, and its where alot of tendons meet. One of the reasons its bad is there is a long recovery. Now I have this big fat sausage as a finger that doesnt bend.

    Whats funny about it is I broke the knuckle playing baseball of all things. I’ve flushed down so many rapids being a newbie and not gotten a scratch. I loose the ball in the light for a split second and CRACK !!!

    Out goes kayaking for 8 months or more and a slight depression. My first thoughts werent of work but of my lost season of boating. I thought that was quite interesting.

    I’m slowly healing but not fast enough as I’ve had to be demoted to standing on the sidelines as camera man. Oh the humanity. I’m a white water god how can I be watching my loser friends get flushed all day. (BTW that was sarcasm)

    Anyways, my point of this thread is have any of you had an injury put you out for a season? How the hell do you cope??? I’m dying to get in my boat. It’s all I have been thinking of since May. Although this is nothing new, cause it’s all i think about anyways. So much my girlfriend thinks I love my Dagger more than her.

    Thanks for reading


    Jenny Right-Side

    Hey Tope,
    I feel your pain, and am sorry to hear about your injury.
    I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m not sure if I have any GREAT advice since I have been going through the same thing over the last few years.

    I was a cyclist before I learned to kayak. I biked across Canada (8400km whoa!) and ran in races, half marathons and triathlons. I had some pretty high goals, which were squashed when I injured my knee on that long bike trip. I kept taking Vioxx and other anti-inflammatories, completed the trip and went to physio. Physio lasted a year and a half before they recommended surgery on my knee.

    Two Marches ago I had the surgery, and my knee is now worse. I can’t bike, run or stand for long periods of time. I am 20 lbs heavier than I was when I was training. My career is on hold, and the happiness I used to feel from exercise has now disappeared.
    I was lucky though, and discovered kayaking right after my surgery. A sport that I could still do even with a bum knee.
    I am going in again for surgery in October to try and fix the last surgery, and hopefully then things will be back to normal.

    So….. the only words of advice I can offer, are:

    – the depression is normal, try not to let it get the best of you. Keep reminding yourself that your condition is temporary and that you will be back on the water soon

    – try to find something else you can do to keep your mind off the fact that you temporarily are unable to kayak (find a new or interim passion)

    – shuttle bunny and camera man may suck, but you are still getting out there, which will make the transition back into your boat easier (I think)

    – talk to people (your girlfriend, others) about what you are feeling and if they know, then they are probably likely to be more supportive of what you are going through

    – don’t try to rush your “rehab” in order to get back on the water. If you aren’t fully healed, you are more apt to become injured again, and the next time probably worse. This will keep you out of boating even longer :cry:


    thats no fun <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> , you could get insructional vidieos/books of paddling and watch them ,you don´t have to be on the water to learn, often I find myself saying , oh yeah turn my head when on a wave, etc…… other than that find a hobby or you will not make it !


    Hey Tope,

    I think I understand how you feel, it can be very frustrating and discouraging when you’re on the injured list. Maybe reading could be an alternative activity for you while you heal. When I broke my arm last year, I read a lot of adventure type books about kayaking, climbing and other outdoor sports and activities. It was educational, and gave me an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of being “out there” through the adventures of others.

    Hope your injury will be history soon, Leah


    Man I feel your pain.
    About a month ago I was on the Gull, went wrong-side up, and cracked my mellon on a big-ol-rock.
    Gave myself a case of whiplash and a minor concusion.
    Ive only been down for a month now, and I hope like hell i can get back in the white foamy stuff soon.
    I feel your pain




    8400 km :shock: did you get calices on your bottom? I ride my bike for 2 or so hours and my butt hurts so much I don’t want to look at again for a month.

    I have a few hobbies that I’m re-enjoying namely photography but the rush just isn’t there. Well not until I get home and hopefully get to see the 1 in 100 shots thats nice. I picked up some books that I have been meaning to read for ages but after a month and a half I’ve been through them and am looking for new stuff to read. Really enjoyed How To Sh*t In The Woods.

    I think what has made it harder is the one bud I go Yacking with all the time bugs me about my finger and how it messed his summer up a bit too. When I first called him he was p*ssed off at me cause I broke it. I thought that was a funny reaction. Oh well. We made due and did some camping instead.

    I was at rehab today and now I have to see another therapist on top of the one I have been seeing already. She did some nasty stuff to me today. Now my finger looks like the size of two sausages.

    I have no plans on rushing the rehab, I will wait till next season to get into the boat however hard that may be. There is no way I want to re-injure it. I want to get back to 100% or as close as I can get it there.

    The pain in the finger during therapy is rough sometimes I couldn’t imagine having the knee surgeries that you are having. This is pretty dramatic for me the knuckle is the worst thing medically that has happened to me.

    The girlfriend is amazing about the whole thing other than forgetting my finger is messed and grabs it all the time. She’s a great gal; I was going to take her this summer to get her into the rapids so she can feel the rush I feel. Unfortunatly it will have to wait until next summer.

    Thanks for the advice and I hope your next surgery goes better than planned.




    Its funny you mention the vids because I have watched all my LVM’s twice already and my Playboating Vids a few of times. I had to stop watching them because they were depressing me.

    If only HOCKEY would start soon so at least I can watch my Leafs get there butts kicked all winter.

    Leah …
    Any suggestions on some good adventure books? I’ve read How to Sh*t in the Woods and No Sh*t! Ther I Was.. … seems like I have a theme going there <img loading=” title=”Confused” />


    I’m sorry to say it doesn’t get better at 3 months.

    For some strange reason I would feel better if it was a injury from a rapid. At least I could brag and be cool.
    Nope, I mess it up playing baseball of all things. So now I get the comments of “Oh, you know you are posed to use your glove to catch the ball eh!”

    Hope your mellon gets better soon.

    Thanks for the well wishes guys <img loading=” title=”Smile” />



    Let me preface this suggestion by saying I have no experience with this, I’m just wondering out loud…

    Maybe you could try hand paddles? There’s no shaft to grip, it might be OK for your hand. However, it might make you hand worse! I have no idea.

    CAUTION: I’ve had very limited experience with them, but if you try them I know you have to PRACTICE TAKING THEM OFF underwater to pull your skirt in case you need to exit your boat.


    Hey Tope,

    Here’s a list to get you started:

    Hell or High Water (Peter Heller)
    Bithplace of the Winds (Jon Bowermaster)
    Thinking Like a Mountain (Robert Bateman)
    Everest from Sea to Summit (Tim McCartney-Snape)
    The Last River: Tragic Race for Shangri-la (Todd Balf)
    The Hard Way (Mark Jenkins)
    Kipawa Chronicles (Scott Sorenson)
    Courting the Diamond Sow (Wick Walker)
    Wild Waters (James Raffan/Bill Mason)
    Whitewater Classics (Tyler Williams)

    And if you’re looking for something inspirational, “Tuesdays with Morrie” will lift your spirits!

    Enjoy! Leah


    Thank You so much Leah !


    Hey tope

    Just so you dont feel left out. My bone crunchin doctor told me yesterday that if I get trashed in another hole or wack my noodle again that i might not be able to paddle again for at least a year or two. So looks like Im out for the rest of the season. I was hoping to get back into it before the ice formed but dosent look good. So maybe if you see me standing on the side of the river taking pictures of all my loser buddies you could come on over and we could mourn together.




    :lol: Sounds good I’ll bring a few brews then. On the bright side you got a good part of the season in <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    I decided next time I’m with my loser buds taking pics, I’m only taking pics of them getting thrashed :twisted:

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