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    I have a mec single blade (made by aquabound) with a carbon shaft and plastic blade that I want to make shorter because I have maved from an open boat into a c-1. I was planning to remove the t-grip (heat and popn out??), cut down the shaft a couple of inches, and replace the t grip .. any thoughts or pearls of wisdom from the informed masses out there?


    I’d say buy a new paddle. If this is your only one, you might appreciate a longer paddle depending on what type of c1/oc1 you might have in the future.. eg. when playing you might want shorter paddle than say, river running.

    As well, the AB paddles aren’t that expensive (compared to other c1 paddles).

    I’ve never mod’d an AB paddle but I wouldn’t hold out on salvaging the original T-grip (they kinda suck anyway)… instead I’d consider cutting it down, and replacing it with a wood t grip. I don’t think heat would help you, esp since the T grip is likely epoxyed in there…(again, not sure)..

    Call Jamie Dors at Paddlesportrepairs, he’s prolly done lots. See if you can get some tips from him.



    yeah, I paddle with an Echo most of the time, and this AB tends to sit around not doing much … also, just bought a drysuit (finally) and want to go on the cheap … I know Brian Shields makes nice t grips … good thinking! thanks for the help..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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