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    Alright I am looking to buy a paddle. I am just starting out, I am 5’9". Do I go for a full carbon one or not? I don’t plan on buying a boat right away but I think having my own paddle to use with different boats is the right way to go. Any suggestions?



    hey dale,

    i wouldn’t go full out and get a full carbon paddle, especially since you are just starting out.. you wouldnt want to have a bad swim and possibly lose it.. cause full carbon paddles are quite expensive, i would recommend that you get a paddle of your liking, but not go and spend an exorbanent amount of money.. maybe get an aquabound or something of that nature.. it was my first paddle, and it was great. tough and didn’t really have any problems w/ it. i am 5’10" and i use a 190" 0 degree offset paddle, i would recomment that you get something around that size, not necessarily that offset, but something around 190. it will be good for colder weather paddling, but will also give you the maneuverability in the summer.


    Hey Dale,

    Last year I got an H20-2 paddle (bent shaft, small grips, 30 degree offset)……awesome paddle with a powerful blade, easy on the joints, reasonably priced and Canadian made. They are brightly coloured too, therefore easier to see on the water. H20 also makes a freestyle blade. It’s probably a good idea to try a few blades out before you buy. I think you can demo paddles from Boatwerks. Here’s the link to H20:



    I have an AB straight shaft that I’m thinking of selling. I’d let it go for $65 and I bought it for 185 a couple years ago. PM me if your interested.


    Fabulous paddle. I started with an Aquabound, moved on to a Werner bent shaft and ditched it for an H2O paddle after trying a friend’s and lovin’ it. I’d trade my Werner for a second H2O paddle any day…

    I agree with Leah that the H20-2 paddle is easy on the joints. In my opinion they also have a better ergonomic angle on the bent shaft than Werner, and the grips help you alway find your natural hand position…very useful. They also don’t ice up in cold weather paddling like the standard paddle with no grip. All in all the best paddle for me.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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