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PaddleFest 2006 — Kipawa River Rally

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    Just a reminder that the Algonquin Canoe Company in Temiscaming is hosting PaddleFest 2006 this weekend, in co-operation with the Kipawa River Rally.

    They have some great activities planned. Please try and take part. This is the first local event that has been built around our rally, and it is important that we support it.

    Friday night there is a dinner Friday evening followed by a showing of the Reel Paddling Film Festival, and a dance party. If you are driving through please try to take it in. If you are already in Laniel, we are arranging a bus to take people down and bring them back.

    Check out their website:

    All Paddlefest events will be held on Long Sault Island, in the middle of the Ottawa River as you cross from Ontario to Quebec at Temiscaming.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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