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    I have been away from this online forum for an extended period of time and I can see that much has happened in my absence. I would like to remind paddlers that leaving your engine idling while sitting still is one of the biggest wastes of a natural resource and a massive contributor to pollution and climate change.
    Please shut your engines off while parking for more than 11 seconds. Your grandsons and grandaughters will thank you.

    On the topic,I am still shopping for a newish vehicle that is fuel efficient and economical. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I am still toying with the notion of biodiesel. The lack of a vehicle has been prohibitive to my paddling this season.



    I’m not sure this post is contentious enough to generate a standard POBO reaction…..

    I think you should try harder….. Other subjects that are getting old include:

    -President Bush
    -River modification (umm… actually, that one might still get a rise)
    -Watermelons (seriously, watermelons are not very contentious… mostly they are just water)

    Out of pity, I offer a response:

    Green Ford Mustangs are green. Green H3’s are green. Black cars may, in fact, be very dark green. A red Toyota Prius is not green.

    A car that is very economical is the Toyota Matrix… Seriously, have you seen Toyota’s bottom line these days?!? They’re raking it in…

    A car that is not ecomomical is anything made in North America, unless you happen to be collecting a pension from GM…

    I am also toying with the notion of biodiesel… As yet I cannot visualize the mollecular structure of this hydrocarbon, but I’m not giving up yet…..

    [url:1m59qh9h][/url:1m59qh9h] hehehe zombie chipmunks :lol:


    if you read lemon aid guide they do not recoment the hy brids as if you own the car for its lifetime a battery replacement will cost $7000 or more, also the smart car is not recomended.

    I have searched and good cars seem to be honda fit, nissan versa and
    wv jetta turbo diesel,

    I settled with a toyota matrix as needed a little more room. really like this car !


    Ive been driving vw diesel for a bit now and i really recomend them.
    as for the biodiesel part thats wat ive been using for 2 years its hard to find only 2 places in ottawa. ( topia greenstop )

    If you are to buy a used vw 2 things one get it inspected and 2 find yourself a good mechanic that is not the dealer cause these guys are really really expensive.

    good luck !!


    Biodiesel is a great option, but depending on the blend is not always going to work in Canada. The higher the vegetable content, the more likely that the biodiesel is to become gelatinous and generally too stiff to flow below freezing. Various chemical substances are being developed as additives to prevent this "side-effect", but one must ask about the environmental and human health impacts associated with chemicals development.

    If you have access to both a high bio-blend for use above freezing and a lower bio-blend for use below freezing, you’ll be laughing in more ways than one.

    Personally, I drive a 1999 Suzuki Swift. It’s tiny and great for beating around town, but I hate taking it on the highway and there is no storage space in it. The matrix tops my lists of vehicles to replace the Swift when the time comes. Others that make the cut are the Versa (though I’m hesitant with Nissan) the 3 and the Suzuki SX4 (replaces the Aerio and looks much better).

    Happy shopping,



    I have read several of your postings on this forum in the past and have observed that you are very opinionated, much like myself. My previous postings were not meant to be inflamatory, though some may have misconstrued them to be. Tone is a very difficult thing to read in electronic forums such as these.

    As for biodiesel, I came across an article where a do-it-yourselfer fabricated a system to run a diesel vw on straight vegetable oil which was pre-heated in a tank before entering the motor. He did state that you must start driving and end driving on straight deisel. A simple solonoid switch and a separate fuel tank with a heating line running from the engine’s radiator to pre-heat the vegetable oil. No additives.
    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?



    I own a diesel Jetta. Great car – I love it. It does very good mileage, and its a pleasure to drive. However, I wouldn’t count on using (or finding) biodiesel in Canada for most of the year, as 2T mentioned.

    Also, biofuels aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, unless they’re created from waste oil. On the other hand, if you’re willing to mod your car a little bit, there is this system: [url:1inf9gfe][/url:1inf9gfe].

    Now, basically, this requires a filtration system in your home, and a little work on your part to go find some used vegetable oil (apparently restaurants will often give you the oil out of their deep fryers).

    If you have the space, and will for a setup like that, then you can use straight vegetable oil (while starting and finishing with diesel) all year round. There is a secondary tank to hold the SVO in the trunk of that heats up when you start the engine on diesel. Once its heated (which takes longer in the winter), you flip a switch, and you’re running on VO. When you’re stopping the car, you have to flip the switch back, to clear the VO fuel lines, so the stuff doesn’t gelatinize in there.

    I wanted to do it, but live in an apartment, and don’t have any place to put all of the filtration gear. If you have a place for that, its a dream system. Fuel becomes nearly free, and its great for the planet, to boot.

    peterborough crew


    I am getting a Fonda baby I suggest you get the same!


    yo POBO go for the VW but wait to go bio diesel cause it voids your warrenty

    (nice pic Cale)

    peterborough crew

    Dan paddle Monday on the Ottawa?

    Mack is coming up to help us move this weekend get a hold of him and come up for a paddle.

    Cale 705-632-1177


    It does not void your warrenty. Where did you here otherwise?


    I heard that it voids your warranty from VW.

    However, they also told me that they almost never act on that policy.


    don’t you have to treat pure oil with some stuff to extract the glycerin and bio-diesel?
    and i believe there is a lot of glycerin that comes out of the stuff. (i believe around 250g per liter), so this stuff adds up fast. I don’t know the waste implications of glycerol…

    anyways, i think most of these suggestions are great…

    toyota, honda and vw all make stellar cars. i personally really like the yaris/echo hatch back as it is suprisingly roomy. (and the echo has all sorts of compartments for bottles and stuff)


    My one try with the VW was a 94 TDI with a failing/intermittent injector pump. It would seems that SVO may cause problems with this tempermental and expensive unit.

    Whatever you get, properly inflate your tires, air filter, spark plugs, and keep the rest well maintained. Get a manual transmission. Keep the boats inside out of the wind. Have a light foot.

    Sometimes it’s just as much about how you drive it instead of what it is.

    All this from an SUV driver…

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