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    any information on kayaking in costa rica would be great. is it better to bring my boat down there on the plane or rent/buy one there? ill be looking to go for 2-3 months, and ocean surf playboating is a high priority as well, what are the best beaches? also if anyone is interested in joining me i am looking for people to paddle with too.



    turrialba is a great paddle destination ,many rivers are based around it (pacuare etc…) you will most likly find other paddlers staying at this hotel ,

    I´m not sure about boats , but I would bring my boat and gear down .


    Yeah, turrialba is a great place to stay. I also stayed at the hotel interamericano. Tons of rivers in the area of almost every skill level… (from class III paji baye to class V upper pacaure)

    For surf towns, theres only two I really know of, but you can’t really go wrong on the coast anywhere. For the pacific coast, its mostly beach breaks, and I’d say go to hocco. For carribean coast, its mostly reef breaks, try going to peurto viejo near the panama border.

    Bring your boat down. The boats there are always outdated and beat to crap. Most flights don’t take kayaks however. So the best thing to do is either buy a boat bag for it, or put it in the packaging that boats get shipped in (giant tubes of heavy duty bubble wrap). Tell the check-in people its a surf board or package of surf boards… they’ve probably never seen a whitewater kayak in their life.

    Were hoping to make another trip there this february so if your in turrialba then you’d probably see there.


    Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio are good surf towns on the Pacific coast. tamarindo is a little bit touristy but really easy to get to and from. Not very expensive and some good nightlife. Manuel Antonio is a little bit touristy as well but still super nice. Both have good beach breaks right in the main town. Manuel Antonio is also close to Quepos which is close to a few rivers.

    Have fun!

    Tyler Durden

    Be careful, many towns in CR dump their sewage directly into the rivers. A local paddler recommend pouring guaro (local liquor) or what ever other strong alcohol I could get my hands on into my ears after paddling.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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