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Paddling extravaganza at Meech Lake P-12 June 26

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    Becky Mason

    My Celebrate and Go Paddling! Tuesday June 26th with Reid, me and lots of others is right on track to note my 25th! year for Classic Canoeing and National Canoe Day.

    It’s at Meech Lake half way down the lake at the Parking lot 12 boat launching area. Come anytime between 6:00 and 9:30pm to paddle around and around with everyone or just come to watch. All are welcome and it’s free. Just remember to park after 6:00pm to get free parking.

    Bring some potluck eats and we’ll have a lovely time floating around eating and also doing some cool stuff in canoes and for the other vessels it would be best if you use a canoe paddle. If you can’t bring a vessel to float in then bring a PFD and paddle and I’m sure some friendly folk will take you for a short spin if you stand at the waters edge with paddle in hand. If not you’ll still have fun chatting with like minded folk. I hear a rep friend of mine is bring 8 SUP boards for folks to try and do spins with, now that is way cool too!

    My Dad was at our last light extravaganza to mark the launching of my Classic Solo Canoeing. He would of been right into this. I did have a flaming teepee like thing on a small raft 25 years ago that Dad helped me with. Of course it was his idea. No doubt it should be exciting lighting again to mark this stupendous occasion.

    All details at :
    See you there,

    Bring a flashlight(s) perhaps it’s a good idea to label them with your name and wrap them in a waterproof baggy with a string so they float just in case you drop them.
    Bring a plastic translucent cone shape container (vinegar container will do nicely to defuse the light and you can cut it down to suit your purposes).
    Bring duct tape don’t forgot the duct tape! it fixes all attaching problems.
    Please wear your PFD for this event, thanks.

    Could you send me a quick email to tell me if you’re coming to give me a rough how big or small this extravaganza is going to be. If you signed the google attendance form on my website link then that’s fine.



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