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Paddling in ottawa city this week?

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    hey does anyone know of any good play spots running this week…. i have a feeling im SOL but you never know… even a good place to practice some flat water where its not too dirty <img loading=” title=”Confused” /> …. anyways let me know if anyone wants to meet us where ever we go thats cool too. i hope everyone had a great thanks giving…. lots of turkey <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> ! have a good one
    paddle hard
    be safe
    and have fun!


    There are a few spots for play but they are not good right now. Remics Rapid Dessert Wave is a one shot deal but is a good surf at this level. Champlain has a very small surfabe wave at the wall but hardly worth it. If the level comes up to 3.5 (the level now is 3.2) there is a wave in the far river left channel at Deschenes (don’t go near the ruins) that comes in. I have few pics at Deschenes[/url:3s1wxe9l]. The Back Bacon Hole[/url:3s1wxe9l] at Hogs Back might be in but I haven’t heard anything about the level recently.




    I was at hogs back today , the hole/pourover 20 feet downstream of backbacon was fine , was throwing ends,
    if the water level goes down more the one 20 feet above backbacon is great with eddie service too, right now the waters to high for eddie service there . where is there a gauge for hogs back? 25mm rain expected weds, backbacon should come up for thursday.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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